African Safari Slots By Frantappstic Apps

FrantAPPstic Apps has really made a mark by coming out with this awesome mobile casino gaming device. This game is just what a person needs when it comes to finding the right casino game that will help you while away the time without even noticing it.

Unlike a lot of the casino games that I have come across, this way gives a player the opportunity to really enjoy him or herself without getting confused along the line. This is the simplest of games that I have ever played and I really mean it when I say that it caught me by surprise because I was not expecting it to get to me like that. As a result I cannot do away with it and does not allow a single day to pass by without playing it.

I have never been a fan of those mobile casino gaming apps that come with so many features which tend to confuse you especially if you are a rookie like myself. However, the African Safari Slots comes with one of the simplest user interfaces that I have ever seen on a casino gaming app which makes it so easy to play regardless of whether you really know something about casino games or not. With African Safari Slots, there is no professional player or a rookie.

Due to the bad image associated with the real life casino gaming centres in places like Las Vegas and Monaco, I have always craved for the opportunity of having such an experience of playing in a live casino room but without the negative aspects. African Safari Slots is the only mobile casino gaming app that has been able to give me that kind of experience as it is full of exciting and funny slot machines which all help in making a player enjoy his or her time out there.

African Safari Slots

Features of African Safari Slots

African Safari Slots is one of the very few mobile casino gaming apps that comes with very simple features but each of these features has everything that it takes to help you enjoy yourself.

The game comes with a high end graphic quality unlike a lot of the games out there with very basic graphics. These features ensure that you always get to see things as they are and not to guess what that thing might be.

The sound quality of the African Safari Slots is also one of the unique features that you get when you download this game.

The payouts are also very good when compared to a lot of casino gaming apps out there which means that you can keep on playing for a very long period of time without running out of resources even when you do not win regularly.

African Safari Slots Overall

On the whole, African Safari Slots has been able to come out with a casino gaming app that suits the needs of both the rookie and the expert and also incorporated high end quality graphics with the best sound. This coupled with the fun that comes with playing the African Safari Slots game is what accounts for the five stars that I will give.


  • Smooth graphics and gameplay
  • Free app
  • Simple and fun


  • Basic slots application
  • Pop-up ads


Popularity - 7.2
Stability - 7.8
Entertainment - 7.8
Graphics - 7.7
Audio - 7.9