Ape King Kong Bonanza

Introduction to Ape King Kong Bonanza


It is acknowledged that a great game is defined by the graphics that are used, the sounds, and the setting of the game. Ape King Kong Bonanza app by the New Free Casino-Games achieves these three elements in ways that make the game appear professional in all ways. The Graphics are designed in such a way that an average gamer find it pretty easy to navigate around, whereas the sound makes it possible for gamblers to enjoy every minute. The unadulterated Vegas environment is what really sets this app stand head and shoulder above the rest in the industry. In other words, with each individual game of Ape King Kong Bonanza, you will enjoy unmatched entertainment value beyond your wildest imagination. This app is simply a must-use for both the seasoned gamer and the newbie trying his hand on casino games.

Ape King Kong Bonanza

Features of Ape King Kong Bonanza


The graphics used in this game make it possible for players to enjoy the best quality of online games. The graphics do not only define the setting of the game, but also enhances visual value that adds an allure to the game. Of course, they also amplify the Vegas setting making it possible to enjoy what this great game offers.


It is important to note that sounds used in the game are equally great and offer players unmatched intrinsic value. If you play the Ape King Kong Bonanza game, then you are always guaranteed of excellent value because of the crisp game sounds. This is actually what makes you enjoy every minutes of the game. As a matter of fact, you will find that your never waste time playing this game.


Theme of the game is simply outstanding and the animations make it even more entertaining. It has always been that a great theme will always have a near perfect story line. In this case, Ape King Kong Bonanza is just the right choice for those looking for endless entertainment. The animations are a plus for gamers as they enhance the overall value of the game. You can never go wrong with this app; especially, if your twin focus is a great play and to improve on gaming strategies.


There are numerous bonuses that make the game even more appealing to both new and professional gamers. If you are out to check on new strategies and how effective they are, do not hesitate to play this game. It's also important to note that using this app as an entry level game player is better than simply starting to play with money. The no money play helps on experimenting what can work, and what strategies you must avoid at all costs.


Ape King Kong Bonanza Overall


This app is meant for entertainment and there are no monetarily benefits if you choose to use it. It has better graphics, great sounds, and an amazing theme that make it worth your time as a gamer. This Free download app is 14.3 in size and was released on the market on the 27th of October, the year 2014, and took the gaming world by storm. You will never spend eternity downloading it, and the better part is that it is compatible with the latest technologies. Above all, you can use it with almost all latest mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, and related devices. If you are thinking of how you can improve your strategies fast, King Kong offer you ground to reconcile all your gaming techniques.


  • Fun gameplay and graphics
  • Great way to pass the time
  • Free coin bonuses


  • Pop up ads
  • No leaderboard tracking


Popularity - 7.3
Stability - 7.6
Entertainment - 7.8
Graphics - 7.8
Audio - 7.6