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Aw Craps! By 24×7 Digital Llc

Playing craps on my mobile device has never been this exciting as it is now with the all new Aw Craps! From the placing of my bet to the rolling of the dice, everything is just splendidly made. The voice of the dealer is what wowed me as it was so lively and real. This is not something that you are likely going to find on majority of the mobile crap games around.

In playing my first game on Aw Craps, I did really had to restart everything all over again because I was not very sure that I heard the dealer call out “Stick Calls” immediately when the dice was rolled. It was only when I restarted the game and heard it again that it dawned on me how professional the developers of Aw Craps were. To actually get real time voice commands which can only be found in a real casino room in any of the casino-laden cities like Monaco, Las Vegas and Macau really shows you the amount of hard work that was put into the development of this app.

After I won for the first time, I was really waiting to see my balance credited with the money as it is with majority of crap games but I got another surprise when my money was placed on the table by the dealer. As matter of fact, I had to pick the money up by myself. This is by far the coolest mobile crap game that I have ever played. Things are so real that it is always difficult to convince myself that I am just playing a game on my mobile device. I once felt like I had really won something in real life and started shouting only for my colleague to give me the voice-down signal. I really can’t blame myself though for behaving that way even at my age and it is all due to the fact that Aw Craps is really awesome.

Aw Craps

Features of Aw Craps!

Any game that does not provide some of the best features, in my opinion is not qualified to even be rated let alone have a review written about it for it is all going to be a mere waste of time and energy. Well, hold on to your thoughts for a second as I take you through some of the amazing features.

The Aw Craps game is in 3D and that is what makes it as immersive as it seems like you are inside the room and placing your bets all by yourself.

The quality of the graphics on this game can never be matched by any mobile gaming app as it is in full HD.

You do not have to stick with just one basic roll of the dice technique as Aw Craps presents you with 3 different rolling techniques.

You also get to hear of the dealer issuing out instructions throughout the game.

Aw Craps Overall

With real life audible dealer voice and the 3D dice rolling, Aw Craps has really got what it takes to really set the standards very high. The only side that I thought a bit up to my expectations is the fact that there are limits on each of the tables with regards to how much money you can bet. Apart from this, the game is really exciting and fun to play and if asked to rate it I will give it all stars.


  • Paid app
  • Awesome learning tool for Craps


  • Unrealistic odds
  • Slower gameplay


Popularity - 7.4
Stability - 8.3
Entertainment - 8.5
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 7.5