Big Craps Casino Blitz

Introduction to Big Craps Casino Blitz


The Big Crap Casino Blitz is stunningly a high value product, and is no way near the low quality feel-good type of apps that are found on the market. It is exceptional in a number of ways; and what really defines this app is the unique graphics used.  This app by New Free Casino-games includes great sound, great setting, and a number of features that make it stand head and shoulder high against the rest that fall in the same range. You can always enjoy top quality blackjack and craps, only if you make this app your ultimate choice. The better part of it is that you can play competitively and improve your skills day after day, and also, win bonuses on a daily basis. It's simply a smart choice for both new and seasoned crap players who also are heavily inclined on blackjack games.Big Craps Casino


Features of Big Crap Casino Blitz


It is indisputable that quality of any gaming app is measured based on the value it offers to users. In this case, the features used and incorporated in individual games determine if the game is great or not. Based on these reasons, you can never go wrong whenever you make Brig Crap Casino Blitz your top choice. Of course you can opt for the craps, or go for the blackjack games based on your individual likes and preferences.


If you are rating casino apps based on graphics used, then I can bet this app will top your top 10 list. The graphics are great and they set the pace for any game you choose to play. Further, the HD graphics create the much needed gambling environment hence making everything stand out. It is also paramount for you to know that with this particular app, you will enjoy the benefits that come with game center, reward video, and prize box. It cannot get better than this if you are out to get the most out of your gambling experiences.


The leader boards are designed to meet all the needs of persons who want to play competitively. In this case, you are able to know how best to improve on your skills. The daily bonus feature is a plus for those who are new to online gaming. It's simply what you can use to enhance strategies so that you become a worthy competitor. You can also take advantage of the earn coin notification, as you enjoy the benefits that are associated with the amazing SFX.


If you are the kind of player who plays to win, a keen observer on performance, and are always ready to put your skills to the test this game must be your top choice. The engaging scoring features will always make it possible for you to enjoy every single moment of your gaming activities. Above all, this game is iOS compatible, and what this means that you can enjoy your play even while on the go.


Big Craps Casino Blitz Overall


This app is great if you want to learn more of blackjack and craps, and at the same time get optimum entertainment as a pro player. The graphics are simply amazing, sounds great, and the daily bonus feature is something that will keep you playing.  It's a free to download play that you can bank on for maximum entertainment. This app is designed for both the iPhones and iPad, and has English as the main language used. This app that was released on Mar-08, 2015; Version 2, has entire size of 65.5MB and this is great for both seasoned and pro players.


  • Leaderboard tracking
  • Multiple games in one app


  • Relatively new game
  • Play money only


Popularity - 7.6
Stability - 7.7
Entertainment - 8
Graphics - 7.9
Audio - 8.1