Big Fish Bingo

Introduction to the Big Fish Bingo by Big Fish Games, Inc.

If you are looking for some simple and addictive game you can play online and which is both individual and team game, search no more. Big Fish Games, Inc. released a new version of bingo you can play on your computers, tablets or smart phones. Bingo is a rather simple game of luck, where you have to fill your card with the selected numbers before other players.

This version of the game spiced things a little bit with the fact that, besides the playing for yourself, you also have a three teammates and working on a team card can bring you and your mates extra bonuses. You can play on one to four cards for each round, and you buy those cards by gems you earn in a game every half hour, or with a good result in a previous round.

Big Fish Bingo

Features of Big Fish Bingo

Once you decide to play a Big Fish Bingo, you will find it is a fun and addicting game. Unlike the real bingo, there are some features that will make things even more interesting, challenging and addictive. The combination of the individual and team game makes things harder, but also more fun. When you are playing a real bingo in some community hall, there is no power-ups, but in this game you may have few really good tricks in your sleeve. It makes the game unpredictable, not as much dependable on the pure luck and really fun to play.

You can chat with your team members before the round and talk about the best strategy for winning. There is a window which gives you that chance and if you want to win the round, you should definitely use it. Using power ups in the best way is essential and the good strategy can make a difference between the good game and a great game. However, once the round starts, it is hard to chat since it goes really fast and you have to focus on the game.

Rewards for the good individual and team results are gems, gold and XP. You can sell gold and gems for the real money, and you can also buy it for the real money. Is it worth it, is up to you to choose. This games, as all games from the Big Fish Games, comes with the good graphics, excellent sound and great, original art in general.


Big Fish Bingo Overall

When we place it all together, if you are a bingo lover, you will enjoy this game. It has all you could expect from a bingo, but with several features that will make things more interesting and challenging. Along with the quality graphic and sound, you will have plenty of fun while you are playing this bingo. However, that is all you can do. If you are looking for a more diverse fun, you will not like this game, but what do you expect from a bingo? We all know what bingo is, how does it plays and what can you get from it.

So, all the bingo lovers should try this game and there is no doubt you will not be disappointed if bingo is the thing you are looking after. Go ahead, choose this game and have some fun. Before you notice, you will spend hours arranging strategy with your teammates and playing the next round.


  • Awesome graphics
  • Unique approach to a classic game


  • Some compatibility issues
  • Needs some bug fixes

Great Game

Popularity - 8.2
Stability - 8.2
Entertainment - 8.6
Graphics - 8.5
Audio - 8.3