Big Fish Casino

Introduction To Big Fish Casino By Big Fish Games

I have for such a very long time now been an unfortunate victim of sloppy mobile casino gaming apps and as a result have been keeping a safe distance between me and any kind of building that houses a gambling centre. However, I have always been on the lookout for a particular game that would offer me everything that I need in order to experience how it feels to participate in a real casino game in either Las Vegas or Monaco. My vigilance recently paid off when I downloaded the Big Fish Casino gaming app for my Samsung Galaxy S4.

My idea of a real mobile casino gaming app is one that incorporates many different casino games into one giant awesome gaming area and that is exactly what I got from the Big Fish Casino game. It comes with games like slot machines, Texas Hold’em Poker, Blackjack and many other interesting games. The moment I downloaded this game, I made sure all the other casino gaming apps that I already had on my S4 were deleted as I everything was right on the Big Fish Casino.

Big Fish Casino


These days, I am very fond of inviting my friends on facebook over for a game which I always do end up winning on most occasions but on those few occasions that I lost, it had been a very awkward feeling for me. However, the feeling of losing some few games to friends cannot outweigh that of how exciting it is to be able to have some fun with your friends.

Features of the Big Fish Casino

Upon my logging in for the first time on Big Fish Casino, I was dashed 100,000 free chips. This is the new player bonus chips feature that has come to be very well associated with Big Fish Casino. With these 100,000 free chips, the fun of playing any of the casino games of your choice is as unlimited as the stars in the galaxy.

There is also the opportunity of getting free game time every single day that you decide to log in and with this feature you can keep on playing every day without any kind of limitations.

Another awesome feature of the Big Fish Casino is that of providing an in-app purchases which means that even when you run out of the free chips and bonuses, you can still buy some right on the game and continue with the fun.

This game also offers players the ability to play with their friends. This is a feature that is not very common on most of the mobile gaming apps in circulation. With this feature you can always invite your friends to enjoy the fun with you.

Big Fish Casino Overall

With the free 100,000 chips upon logging in, the fun just went to a whole new level and there are also the free games which are given to you every day when you log in to play. This is why I will give the Big Fish Casino game 5 stars.


  • Facebook integration
  • Lots of bonus and free chip offers
  • Large community of players


  • Fun but challenging
  • Play money only


Popularity - 9.8
Stability - 9.4
Entertainment - 9.5
Graphics - 9.3
Audio - 9.2