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BINGO CRACK – App Review

When it comes to addicting games, Etermax knows their stuff. The creators of the super popular mobile game Trivia Crack are back at it with Bingo Crack, another simple, and super entertaining game for Android users. One of the most popular online bingo formats, this game boasts between 1 million and 5 million installations. Bingo Crack is a great game that includes challenge and excitement, awesome graphics and characters will keep anyone entertained with a game that they are familiar with.


Everyone knows how to play Bingo, right? Bingo Crack gives you the chance to choose between American 75-Ball Bingo, or the Classic 90-Ball Bingo – the only online bingo game that gives you the option to try different games and pick the one that you like the best. Gameplay is fairly standard, where you are given a bingo card and numbers come across the top of the screen for you to keep an eye out for those special numbers that will let you complete your card. There is also an option to autodaub your numbers, so the game will track your progress for you. There is also a cute little owl who is dressed in room-themed garb that guides you on your journey through the game. Kids love this little character and the game is very simple for them to understand as well.

There are a number of Bingo rooms that you can choose from, and more game experience and winnings allow you to unlock secret levels and rooms through power ups and experience points. You can also choose the play multiple cards to increase your chances of winning big! More cards = more action! The rooms in Bingo Crack operate in real time and allow you to play with players from around the world since the game is offered in 7 different languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, and Catalan.

The best thing that Etermax did when creating this game is to take an extremely simple format and make it entertaining enough for long term play. The graphics and functionality are all seamless in their design and help to create a truly interactive experience when coupled with real-time play. It is easy to understand and follow along, and is a great way to keep entertained for hours, or simply pass some time competing with friends at the office. Give it a shot!


  • Great Graphics
  • Simple and entertaining


  • It's Bingo ...


Popularity - 6
Stability - 5.8
Entertainment - 6
Graphics - 5
Audio - 3

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  1. Fun, but I have never seen the real appeal of Bingo…

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