Birds on a Wire Review

Birds on a Wire Pokie by Thunderkick

If you enjoy a lot of entertainment and some humor while you are playing the pokies, Birds on a Wire is the perfect game for you. Filled with interesting characters and a comical outcome of winning combinations, this game is sure to keep players entertained as they rack up their winnings.

Birds on a Wire Pic

Features of Birds on a Wire

This online game is designed to look like three high wires running between two electrical boxes. When the player activates the play button, a total of 15 different birds descend onto the lines in a pattern of five birds per line. When these birds land in a winning combination, the electrical power boxes shock and clear the winning birds off of the screen, which are then immediately replaced with new birds. The number of the multiplier continues to rise if the new birds continue to create winning combinations. When there are no more combinations, the birds on the wire are replaced with an entirely new 15 birds with the next spin.

The bonus rounds available on this game are activated by landing three or more of the cat in the box bonus symbols on the board. This will earn the player ten free spins. During these spins, if the symbols appear again, the player is awarded with two additional free spins per symbol showing.

Wild Symbol-The character for this bonus action is a very robust black bird. When these show on a payline, any symbol on the screen is substituted with this symbol and winning combinations are paid accordingly. Five of these birds will earn the player 2,000.00

More Game Details

High Voltage Multiplier-When playing this game on the pokies, if a player lands a winning combination, the payout is one times their bet. If the new symbols dropping on the screen result in another winning combination, the multiplier moves to two times the bet. This pattern increases with three, four, five, eight, and twelve times the bet until either the landing symbols do not create a winning combination or when the multiplier has reached it's maximum payout of twenty times the initial bet.

Intwinity Spin-This bonus is activated after a free spin session. The game will continue to spin until a winning combination has landed.

There are three paylines with five symbols per line. There are no jackpots on this game. Fortunately, with six different bird symbols landing on the wires, the payout can be huge when betting the maximum amount of 100.00 when you hit a 120.00 payout for landing five of these birds. The minimum bet is .10 for those playing it on the safer side.


  • Low frequency for payouts
  • No progressive jackpot available

Great Game

Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 9
Volatility - 7