Black – Jack

Introduction To Black – Jack By Rnf Technologies Pvt Ltd

I can confidently say that of the entire casino gaming mobile apps that I have come across, the Black – Jack by Rnf Technologies Pvt Ltd is the best. Up until I downloaded this game and started playing, all the previous games I had always came with the boring warning that whatever you learn whilst playing the game cannot be made applicable to real life situations like when you go gambling in Las Vegas. However, the more you play this game, the better your chances of winning big whenever you pop up somewhere in any of the Las Vegas casinos or any other casino for that matter.

This game is so cool to the extent that it provides you with three different playing modes. In the realm of black jack gambling this is known as three different tables. I choose to go with the first table in the beginning and I was surprised at how educative and fun it was. The second table also do have the same playing features but it has its experience level upped a bit. With these two tables, I was able to place bets up to a certain amount – I mean the maximum bet was always controlled by the app. This made me decide to try out the third and last table and it was here that I had the real experience of being inside a casino building in Las Vegas. It is simply a no-holds-barred intense action and the maximum bet is whatever you wish to place provided you have what it takes. This is exactly what it means to be in a casino room. You are not restricted on how much you can bet which adds so much fun to the whole game. In some seconds, you can gain so much and at other times too when the tables turn against you then you will be in for a spin on your head.

Black Jack by RNF Technologies

Features of Black – Jack

I have always heard of the term “Dealer must stand on all 17’s” whenever I am inside a casino room but none of the games I have played before had this unique feature except the Black – Jack by Rnf Technologies Pvt Ltd.

At the first time that I played this game, I did stay online for 3 consecutive hours and to my amazement I had been receiving free coins for every single hour that I was online. Unlike many similar casino gaming apps which provides free coins only if you stay online for not less than four hours, I found out that the Black – Jack by Rnf Technologies makes it every hour.

This is also by my calculations the only black jack game that has a feature for people who wish to learn how to play.

Although I was really making some huge earnings, it was only when I clicked on the Leaderboard button that I saw where I stood in comparison to each and everyone who plays Black – Jack.

Black – Jack Overall

On the whole Black – Jack is a very exciting, educative and interactive game to play aside the fact that it is just fictitious money that you earn which means it can’t be used for real time spending. However, from my experience and the fun that I had playing this game, I will pass it for a five-star rating.


  • Awesome introduction to the game
  • Tips and help along the way
  • Great practice application


  • No social media integration
  • Play money only


Popularity - 7.7
Stability - 7.5
Entertainment - 8
Graphics - 7.7
Audio - 7.6