Bonus Blackjack 21

Bonus Blackjack 21 – App Review

Bomzy Apps specialized in casino-themed apps for the Android platform and Bonus Blackjack is one of their more popular applications out there. Bonus Blackjack is a great way to learn the gameplay and strategy of betting Blackjack before putting your system into real-world practice.

Bonus Blackjack is very straightforward in its approach to learning the game of Blackjack in a simple way. Despite the simplicity of the game, there are some awesome features that really help it to stand out from a crowd.

This app uses real casino odds and does not have a pre-programmed dealing system which makes every hand unique and random. There is also an awesome way to track your gameplay and winnings through the app and see just how many hands you’ve won or lost, and keeps a list of your achievements like hands won in a row, hands played, and timed sessions. See how you stack up to the competition out there by checking in on the world wide leaderboard.

Cards and tables can also be customized to make this app become your personalized Blackjack table! It’s a great way to learn! Real time stats let you track your personal progress and awesome animations and announcers keep you posted on when you’re really running hot. Speaking of running hot, there are no bet limits which means you can take big risks for big payouts when you feel the time is right. Big money always means big fun – if you’re winning!

Bomzy has done a great job with this app, and it is a lot of fun to play to see how you compare to others playing around the world. The stats tracking is invaluable for players looking to improve their strategy or are just learning the game. For a basic and straightforward Blackjack app, Bonus Blackjack is very enjoyable!


  • Stat tracking
  • Great teaching tool
  • Personalized tables


  • Blackjack is the only game
  • Basic Blackjack and strategy


Popularity - 5
Stability - 6
Entertainment - 6
Graphics - 3
Audio - 2