Bubble Casino

Introduction to Bubble Casino – Free Bingo & Slots by DreamHeart

Most people are familiar with the bingo game. It is a rather simple game of luck where numbered balls are drawn from the bubble. Every player has cards with different numbers and the player which first fills all the card is the winner. Bingo is a very common game played in community houses all over the state, as well as in many casinos. With the progress of the modern technologies, many games got their computer or online version and bingo is one of them.

Bubble Casino

There are many versions of bingo you can find to play online or on your devices and Bubble Casino is without a doubt one of the funniest and appealing of them all. If you read some more, you will find many reasons for that.



Features of Bubble Casino – Free Bingo & Slots


This is a classic bingo game, but with an unusual and funny twist. Charming animals call the numbers and then you have to find the right bubble and pop it. Many power-ups you can use can bring you interesting rewards such as extra coins you can play with, collectibles, mystery prizes, and more. Several bonus games will break the monotony and give you a chance to earn more bonuses. Twenty slots themes and several stages to play on will make things even more interesting. Amazing graphics and sound will leave you breathless and first class controls will allow you to switch between cards without any problem. You can play with up 8 cards at the moment.


If all of this sound good to you and you have an iOS 5.0 or later version on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, it will take only a few moments to download it and start playing. Of course, this game is only for fun and you can't cash all the coins or prizes you earned during the game. If you are looking after some way to earn money while playing, you are on a wrong address.

Bubble Casino – Free Bingo & Slots Overall


All bingo lovers with the iPhone, iPod or iPad will enjoy this game if they give her a chance. If you want to play this classic game with a modern twist, you will need an iOS 5.0 or later version, some memory space and few minutes to download. Once you do that, you can have hours of fun, no matter where are you, in looking funny animals pulling your numbers.


This game can keep you occupied since you can play with up to 8 cards at the same time, so you will have to look on all of them to see how you are doing. Daily Tournaments may bring you huge rewards you can use to continue playing and there are over 100 collectibles to collect. The game will never get boring because you can play in different stages and themes. All those features create an app which can fulfill your free time with fun, excitement and joy. Only make sure you have enough time for playing because it will make hours pass like minutes.


  • Facebook integration
  • Fun and exciting gameplay


  • Some bug fixes needed


Popularity - 7.4
Stability - 7.5
Entertainment - 7.7
Graphics - 7.7
Audio - 7.7