Casino Paradise Resort Roulette

Introduction to Casino Paradise Resort Roulette by Omega Apps Inc


The one thing that sets Casino Paradise Resort Roulette above the rest in the industry is the unique graphics that are unmatched in many ways.  The setting is great too and you can bank on it for excellent performance, and best thing is that this game offers users Vegas gambling environment. If you have never experienced Vegas in real-life, then definitely this app is for you.  The hi-tech crisp sounds used with this game are a plus for any level of player. If you are a professional, then you are likely to enjoy every bit of this game. It's one of the games that sets Omega Apps Inc strategically on the market, and positions it as a great gaming company. If you talk about the play quality, casino paradise resort is definitely a top choice.

Casino Paradise Resort Roulette

Features of the app


There are several unique features that this app boasts to have, and you can easily take advantage in order to enhance your skill level, too. One feature that stands out when playing casino paradise resort roulette is the real-life Vegas style game. Also, the sounds are crisp and this makes it possible to enjoy the finer details of the game. If you are looking for a game that is quite entertaining, look no further. It's definitely one of the best choices for new and amateur players to have the real-feel of Vegas setting.


The better part is that you can place bets irrespective of whether you are starting to play the game, or want to increase the odds when you are in the middle of the game. In case you want to play more aggressively, you have the option of going for the MAX bets. This is something that will make you have a terrific time, all the time. It is what also encourages competitive playing, even if there are no awards to be won by individual players.


It has a leaderboard that is easy to read, use, and it enhances the value of individual games that are played competitively. If you are thinking of playing with friends, this is one of the games that you should go for. It does not matter whether you are a newbie or seasoned gamer, this is the game the will offer you exceptional entertainment.


The graphics are unmatched in many ways and this is one of the strong points that make the game stand above the rest.  Surprisingly, despite this game being a market leader it comes as a free download and the best thing is that it is compatible with ios 4.3 and the latest versions. It is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and ipod, it is a 77.7MB download, and has English as the main language.


Casino paradise resort roulette overall


In general, this game has outstanding graphics that makes it quite entertaining. It is quite easy to navigate, and a new gamer can enjoy every bit. Its Las Vegas setting is a plus for those who love exceptional setting, and the crisp sounds make you want to play the more. It includes an easy to use leaderboard and for this reason you can invite your friends to come and enjoy the game with you. If you are thinking of playing roulette, this one is definitely a better option.


  • Great practice tool
  • Leaderboard feature
  • Awesome graphics


  • Play money only
  • Only one casino game available


Popularity - 7.3
Stability - 7.8
Entertainment - 8.1
Graphics - 7.7
Audio - 7.7