Casino Poker by Raj

Introduction to Casino Poker


It is indisputable that Casino poker is a great app that you can bank on for optimum entertainment. This is especially when you are considering playing versatile online card games.  The unique graphics, amazing sounds, and easy-to-use interface simply make this app a top-choice. This creation by Raj Kumar has exceptional simulation capabilities up to 5 players (including you), and the better part is that you actually find it easier to develop a winning strategy for poker games. This app is best suited for both the new and seasoned player who is out to get optimum entertainment, without necessarily compromising on quality of game. Furthermore, easy-to-follow instruction makes it a better option for persons who are just starting out playing games online.

Casino Poker

Features of Casino Poker


There are many things that make this app to stand out and one of them is the kind of graphics it contains. In other words, the uniquely designed graphics do not only help create the much needed professional look, but make the setting look perfect for casinos.  These graphics also enhance the entertainment levels making it possible to enjoy every single game played.


The sounds are equally great because they have a direct impact on how players perceive the game at any particular point in time.  These come in handy as they help enhance the interactivity of the player and the app. In a nut shell, the great sound effects make playing casino poker worthwhile. You can never go wrong with the great sound and graphics that is incorporated into this app.


The fixed hand cards feature makes this app quite entertaining as it changes the dynamics of how the game is played. And also, as a newbie you can always get help from the HELP page. In case, you like new games with unique new looks then definitely this one serves that purpose quite well.  Importantly, you do not need to worry when it comes to playing professional as the added game setting greatly enhances the value of the game.


The version 1.2 of Casino Poker is compatible with many mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and can be downloaded for $.99. It is 1.0MB and has English as the main language. It was last updated on the 15th of March, 2010 and copyrighted the same year. If you are looking for an amazing card game that can help you develop unique strategies, then this game is for you.


Casino Poker Overall


It is acknowledged that with a gap in any market, a product is created. It's for this reason that Casino Poker is popular with persons who cherish simple but versatile products. In all cases, the app fulfills the need of players who would like to experience online poker. It has simple to follow instructions, and is not complicated even to the novice player. It has unique graphics and sound effects that make playing the game worth every second spent. All-in-all, you can use this app not only to get entertained but also test different poker strategies. If you want to go professional, start by playing this simple but amazing card game. The better part is that it’s pretty easy to download the app because of its small size (1MB).  In fact, this is a plus for persons who do not like apps that take too much space on their devices.


  • Unique graphics
  • Classic feel


  • Long time since it was updated
  • Fancier apps available for free


Popularity - 6.8
Stability - 7.4
Entertainment - 7.6
Graphics - 6.7
Audio - 7.1