Casino Style Bingo

Introduction to Casino Style Bingo by Infinity Marketing


The Anime Bingo app is simply amazing, as it offers you opportunity to enjoy top-notch bingo games at your own convenient time. It's one of the best versions available on the market today, and it's another addition to the infinity marketing basket. This one is pretty easy to play, as you only need to download the app and you're good to start. The better part is that you can actually choose level and the number of cards that you desire to use during your gaming. It has unique features and this makes it a top choice for those who want to get entertained; irrespective of whether you are a professional, new gamer, or an amateur player you get the best.

Casino Style Bingo

Features that Define Casino Style Bingo


This app is exceptional in many ways and for this reason it offers high levels of functionality. Based on the features, players can enjoy unmatched entertainment from the word go. Firstly, you can always enjoy unlocking new levels, as this will offer you the kind of thrill you need as a gamer. It makes everything pretty exciting. Secondly, the anime theme is what really makes it stand head and shoulder over others that fall in the same range. It's indisputable that this one catches the wildest imagination for those who love anime themes.


The other feature that make Casino style Bingo great is that it offers you opportunity to play with multiple cards at once. In a nut shell, the blitz style set-up is one thing that makes it easier for you to flip 3 or more cards at the same time. This is a plus for players who love playing competitively as they are able to learn more, and even take a shorter time to reach the jackpot.


The unlock-able levels; great design, and its replay ability make a must play for those who love replays. You will find it easier, enjoyable, and learn a great deal of detail from the replays that you make.  The designs make it pretty easy to navigate around, and this is a plus for those who are playing casino style bingo for the first time. If you like sound when playing bingo then this apps makes it better for you, and if you do not prefer sound then actually you can toggle off.  The one thing that you are guaranteed with this game is clear images-it make playing bingo a more enjoyable experience.


Casino Style Bingo Overall


This app offers you unmatched opportunity of playing a number of different Bingo games. Its clear images makes it stand up head and shoulders high above the rest that fall in the same range, and its great designs is a plus for new members who are looking for exiting Bingo games. The better part is that it offers you choice; and you can actually choose to play slots, lotto, vegas, jackpots and much more that will meet your needs.  It's 105MB and pretty easy to download as long as you have the correct devices. It compatible with iOS 6.0 and latest versions, optimized for iPhone 2 and also quite compatible with Iphone and iPad.



  • Great graphics
  • Allows players to play multiple cards
  • No internet connection required


  • No tournament play
  • No social media integration


Popularity - 7.4
Stability - 8.3
Entertainment - 8
Graphics - 7.7
Audio - 7.6