Casino Tower App

Introduction To Casino Tower By Toy Studio Llc

I am not going to talk about how well I was able to play the Casino Tower and stuff like that. Rather, I will let you know that I am the type of person who is very hard to please when it comes to mobile gaming apps and so when I say that I am really impressed by the beautiful masterpiece that has been developed by Toy Studio LLC, then you have got to know that it is for real.

What got to me the first time I decided to play it was the quality of images and the background suspenseful music. The emotions that were at display at that time cannot be explained. For some few seconds I thought it was going to be like all the others that I have played but when I decided to go multiplayer and it loaded right away, I knew the game was dope.

To say I felt like I was in Vegas will never fully let you understand how I felt. This is the first time that I have really chanced upon a slot game that can be played even when you data connection is off.

Casino Tower Slots

Features of Casino Tower

There is unlimited number of slot machines available and each of these does come with their own unique mini games which can be played in order to win more coins.

For the first time, a casino gaming app allows you to play even when you are offline. I cannot count a lot of such gaming apps as almost all of those apps can be played when you are online but Casino Tower has this feature which is simply amazing.

There is also the Game Centre Achievements feature which brings provides you the chance to play with you pals and win a lot of coins and bonuses.

If you are interested in having a look from time to time at how you rate when compared to all those playing the Casino Tower by Toy Studio LLC, then the Leaderboard feature can be used.

Casino Tower Overall

This game does not provide you with just a single way of winning coins which means that you can earn money through a wide variety of ways.

You also do not have to spend so much money in order to stay online as you can enjoy the thrills of playing this game even in offline mode.

It also comes with the best graphic quality.

However, the money earned cannot be redeemed for real life usage.

On the whole, I will give Casino Tower nothing less than 5 stars for the total performance of the game which is just perfect.


  • Many different slot games
  • Virtual world experience
  • Great gameplay


  • More challenging than regular slots games
  • Leveling up takes dedication

Great Game

Popularity - 7.9
Stability - 8
Entertainment - 9
Graphics - 8.8
Audio - 8.7