Casino Tower Review

Casino Tower – App Review

Casino Tower, developed by Toy Studio Media Corporation for the Android system is unlike your traditional slot game in many ways. With a ton of high quality games in their lineup, Toy Studio they have yet again introduced a game with very clean graphics and gameplay. There is even a special feature dedicated to letting you build your own house with your winnings from the game. Earn the big bucks and design your dream mansion while having a blast playing multiple slot games.

Casino Tower App Android

Casino Tower is much more than just a simple slot game where you just watch reels spin. In fact, it is much more than just a couple of slot games. There are new slots added regularly with different amounts of reels and payouts. Among the slot games you can find 5 reel – 4 symbol games, 3 reel games with 25 lines, or 3 reels with 50+ lines. Of course there are also a lot of bonuses, wilds, and level ups out there for you to win as well. Players almost have to approach this as a new type of game, not just a slot game. You start at the bottom of the tower and work your way up through earnings and rewards point, and can use that money to build your dream home. It really is fun and addicting!

One of the great things about this app is that there is no registration required. It’s nice to see someone developing games for the enjoyment of the players rather than the data collection for corporations and email spammers. There is also no need for a Wi-Fi connection for you to enjoy this game, but some updates may be required with the new features and slots that are constantly being added. It’s not a pain though, just an awesome bonus to playing this game!

Despite being a slot-themed game, there is no real money that can be won or exchanged in this game, it is strictly for entertainment purposes only, but additional coin packs can be purchased for real money to help you advance through the game.

Overall Impression
With so many different games to play, it is easy to stay entertained playing Casino Tower. Players are constantly changing levels and games, so there is an added concentration that goes along with achieving your goals rather than just pulling a lever. Even players who don’t enjoy slot games will like Casino Tower, it has so much more to offer!


  • New slots added regularly
  • No registration required


  • Purchasing coins makes the game much easier
  • No internal social media


Popularity - 9.5
Stability - 9
Entertainment - 10
Graphics - 9.5
Audio - 8