Cats and Cash Review

Cats and Cash Pokie from Play N Go

The Cats and Cash – by Play N Go Online Video Slots Game is a rather straight forward online pokies game that is perfect for individuals who either are experienced playing pokies or are new to the kind of game. There are many different games out there for people looking to play pokies, but Cats and Cash – by Play N Go Online Video Slots Game is really designed for the casual player and especially those who love cats. There are different fun imagery backgrounds that all incorporate cats into the game somehow. Before starting up with the game though it is a good idea to know a bit more about the game and see what is good with it.

Cats and Cash Pokie

Features of Cats and Cash

The Cats and Cash – by Play N Go Online Video Slots Game is a five reel, 30 pay line game. The 30 is a bit more than the average 20 to 25, but not so far over the top where it is difficult for anyone to really start up with the game, especially for those individuals who are new to the concept of pay lines. The gameplay is rather straight forward though. The player clicks on the “Spin” button and the game automatically rolls through the game until it stops. The computer then checks all of the combinations of the symbols along the set pay lines in order to determine the winnings for the round. The betting range only has a single coin per pay line. The coin value can vary though, ranging from a single penny up to $10.

The game does adjust to the location for the player. So, it doesn't matter if they are in the US or in Australia, the currency converts automatically to the local currency. The maximum payout with the game is 10,000 credits. It just depends on how many coins are bet. If the maximum bet is played of $10, then the total, possible payout is $100,000. This makes it a great game to really check out for someone who is looking for a straight forward betting option that also has a high payout potential. Both wild and scatter play symbols are available during the game.

More Game Details from Cats and Cash

There is also a split symbol as well, which is just a pair of wild cats that appear on the symbols. There is also the ability to win free spins through the game. With a multiplier in place for the game, it is possible to boost the maximum payout, should it occur during one of the free bonus spins, all the way to $250,000, which makes a truly remarkable payout possibility. Of course, in order to receive the top payout potential with the free spins, a player must bet the max before they spin and receive the free spins. The game also has an auto spin feature, allowing the player to set it on auto for anywhere from 10 to 500 spins.

For someone who is looking for a straightforward slots game online that also gives a nice payout potential, the Cats and Cash – by Play N Go Online Video Slots Game is one of the ways to go.


  • Large max payout
  • Bonus spins and multiplier go together
  • Nice auto spin feature


  • Lacking bet variety
  • No progressive jackpot

Great Game

Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 9
Volatility - 8