Champion’s Goal Review

Champions Goal Pokie by ELK Studios

Now available for anyone’s enjoyment on a player’s smart phone or home computer, Champion's Goal is an online casino app created by ELK Studios, and it is available to try here: It features a easy to follow interface, and looks dazzling on any screen. It is immediately available on the website (visible on an HTML 5 standard web platform), and it does not require any risky downloads. Champion's Goal comes in a wide variety of languages and can be formatted for many currencies.

Champions Goal Pic

Features of Champions Goal

The casino app is soccer themed and involves trying to line up both numbers in a sporty varsity font, sports figures, and policemen to get great cash prizes within a 2×10 payline and five reels. The game can let a player win up to 200 thousand euros. The red symbols in the game pay from the right to the left, while the blue symbols pay from left to the right. The red ones are noticeably better in payout, though they both yield exciting results. Betting Strategies are an exciting option in this newly developed game. The player can swipe up in Champion's Goal to see them and choose the kind of bets they’d like to make. The game offers twelve bet levels and three types of strategies that include Jumper, Leveller and Booster.

When you see a ball icon on the screen, you will receive a Free Kick that is worth five times the initial winning number. The referee establishes what is called Sticky Corners and Sticky Wilds that define the four corners and give the player a free respin. A significant bonus is given when a spin produces at least three Trophy symbols in the middle reel. The Seven Derby Spins Bonus ends with the chance to hit Champion’s Goal, which is one of the grandest prizes in the video slot.

More Game Details

A menu screen can be brought up to reveal more information about the value of the icons as well as other helpful hints. Champion Goal’s return to player is said to be as high as 95 percent when played at a lower variance. The most a player can win is five base icons within ten times the total stake. Champion's Goal also holds a Wild icon that replaces all symbols with balls, trophies, and referees that produce much higher bonuses.


  • Amazing visuals
  • Great sounds
  • Exciting gameplay


  • Payout frequency is low
  • No progressive jackpot

Great Game

Graphics - 9
Audio - 9
Gameplay - 8
Volatility - 8