Classic Vegas Craps

Introduction to Classic Vegas Craps


The Classic Vegas Craps is one must-play game that offers exceptional opportunity for both new and seasoned gamers. It's here that you roll with Big wheel double-jackpots, Blackjack games, and other more entertaining games that definitely are worth playing. This app by the New Free Online-Games is not only great because of its features, but it's amazingly easy to play and at the same time offer you great graphics. The Class Vegas Craps includes bonus into its packages, and for this reason you are not limited when it comes with unlocking reward.  Importantly, the Vegas setting makes the game more likeable. If you have been thinking about a game that is quite compatible with the latest technologies, then definitely Classic Vegas craps is for you.

Classic Vegas Craps

Features of Classic Vegas Craps


This game has quite a number of great features that make it unique and popular amongst different players who would like to have a real-kind of casino experience. To begin with, this app offers you the opportunity to play two different games all at once. These are the blackjack games and craps, of which offer optimum entertainment to new, amateurs, and professional gamers.


It also features unmatched HD graphics that make the game better, more exciting and entertaining. With the daily bonus newbies can be able to develop new playing strategies, and the professionals will be able to sharpen skills playing specific variation of blackjack and craps. It is simply one of the best that the market has today.


It is also elemental for you to note that this app features an amazing SFX and also comes with a reward video and prize box. It is with these rewards that you try to make sense of every strategy you use to win games. If you have been thinking on how to improve your online strategies playing online blackjack or craps, this game offers the best opportunity to do so.


There is also the feature that notifies you when you are earning coins during play, and a leader board that is easy to use. If you have been thinking of playing craps or black jack competitively, do not hesitate to make Classic Vegas Craps your default choice. Furthermore, as a player you will be able to enjoy the benefits that come with engaging scoring features.


It is with game center feature that this app is impossible not to use, and the better part is that it is quite compatible with the latest technologies. If you have been thinking of a free download game that can meet your crave of craps and blackjack, then this one is your best choice. It is a game that you can play on most mobile devices, including; iPhone, Ipod, and others that fall in the same range.


Classic Vegas Craps Overall


This app is great in all ways and comes with the benefit amazing graphics, great leader board, and a reliable game center. It is easy to download and also compatible with devices that use some of the latest technologies on the market today. It offers players Vegas setting and style of game, and therefore newbies will find this game pretty exciting. You will also be able to enjoy the benefit that come with daily bonus, reward video as well as amazing SFX.


  • Multiple games
  • HD graphics
  • Leaderboard tracking


  • Play money only
  • No social media integration


Popularity - 7.4
Stability - 7.7
Entertainment - 8.1
Graphics - 7.9
Audio - 7.9