Craps Lite

Introduction to Craps Lite By James Leno

The Craps Lite casino is a gaming app which has been developed and is also redistributed by James Leno. This is a game that gives you all the things that you are sure to find when you step your feet into a real casino room in any of the well known casino cities like Vegas and Macau. The real craps tables coupled with other unique features are what make it all the more interesting to play. With Craps Lite, you are able to even save your current game when you decide to take a break. This means that you do not have to restart the game from scratch when you decide to take a break. All that you have to do with Craps Lite is just to press the resume button and you are good to have a go at your favourite craps again.

Craps Lite is just a revolution to the long table casino games and provides you with the chance to hear the dealer speak live. This is what gives the game that extra touch which takes it above all other similar gaming apps. It gives you the feeling of being around a real craps table in Las Vegas. Whereas most similar apps allow you to play without the ability to hear the voice of the dealer but Craps Lite takes care of that and voice of the dealer helps in giving you that real casino long table betting experience.

Craps Lite

Features of Craps Lite

At first glance, one is bound to be deceived that Craps Lite also has the same boring features just like any of the apps around but playing it for the first time is what will help in alleviating any of those doubts that will lingering in your mind. Some of the unique features that Craps Lite brings to you are;

A real life voice which serves as that of the dealer giving out instructions and other useful tips with regards to your bet. This is something that you are only bound to experience when you are in any of the casinos in Las Vegas, Macau or Monaco. However, Craps Lite provides you with this unique feature of being able to hear the dealer’s voice so that which sets it way above any of the games that are out there.

Another great feature is that Craps Lite comes with betting tables that have all the bets one is likely to find in a real casino. Whatever the real casinos offer, Craps Lite offers it with style.

There is also the feature which allows you to save a current game and resume it later when you are ready to play.

Craps Lite Overall

On the whole, Craps Lite provides you with the exact things that you will experience when you decide to try your luck in a real casino room.

It gives you the opportunity to really practice very well before you ever decide to be around a craps table in a real casino. This comes in handy especially for those who are new to the idea of gambling as it will help give you some form of heads up before you have to go at real betting.

The only negative associated with Craps Lite is that it is bound to function very slowly when it is played on devices without the right system requirements.


  • Great for learning the game
  • Easy to understand interface


  • Slow on some devices
  • Low chip values


Popularity - 7.8
Stability - 7.6
Entertainment - 8.1
Graphics - 7.6
Audio - 7.9