Craps Master 3D

Introduction To Craps Master 3d By Areasixtyone Llc

The first time that I really played this Craps Master 3D, I got so overawed by the sheer look of it with regards to how you are drawn into the game. I haven’t really been a fan of any of the three dimensional casino games but trying out the Craps Master 3D by AreaSixtyOne really gave me a true appreciation of how well this game has been developed. With the 3D graphic feature, you get the chance to feel as if you are in a real casino out in Monaco or Macau.

When it comes to rolling the dice on the crap table, you will be amazed at how real it all looks and you are provided with a variety of options on how you wish to roll the dice. Crap games have never ever been made so real like what Craps Master 3D offers.

There is no better way to experience what those who enter casinos in places like Las Vegas other than going with your own private game at the craps table on the Craps Master 3D where you get the most authentic of number combinations after rolling the dice.

Craps Master

Features of the Craps Master 3D

The 3D user interface that is provided by Craps Master 3D is just as captivating and interactive as it really gives you the feel of being at a real craps table. That boring option of viewing your craps table as if it was being run for you in those 2D games is totally eliminated. It is not a new thing that 3D is now the latest and the much sought after viewer option around but for AreaSixtyOne to really go all out in order to make use of it in the Craps Master 3D is amazingly fantastic.

With the new mulligan feature, getting rid of a bad roll of the dice has never been this easier. All you have to do is to use the mulligan feature and it will just take you back to before you rolled the dice.

Be part of the whole show by dragging and dropping your chips just like when you enter any real casino room. There is no need to be clicking a lot of buttons just to be able to place your chips for a particular roll.

There is also this great and absolutely mind-blowing feature which allows you to opt for any one of the four available dice roll options. This means that you do not have to be always stuck with a particular rolling strategy when it comes to throwing the dice. This brings a lot of variety into the play when it comes to rolling the dice on the craps table.


  • Free download
  • Helpful practice tool
  • Great graphics
  • Affordable in-app purchases


  • Not supported by all mobile devices
  • Odds vary in real life
  • Play money only

Great Game

Popularity - 7.8
Stability - 8
Entertainment - 8.2
Graphics - 8.1
Audio - 7.7