Crusade of Fortune Review

Crusade of Fortune Pokie by NetEnt

The Crusade of Fortune slot machine game brings the fun of magic realms and ghouls to the world of casino entertainment. The bright bold colors and enchanting pictures combined with the sound can keep players interests perked in the slot for hours. Bonuses are another added perk that will keep players spinning away at the pokies.

Crusade of Fortune Pokie

Features of Crusade of Fortune

Bonus rounds can be found in the Crusade of Fortune slot machine game. A spin that hits a Scatter symbol will give the player the total bet times the multiplier. This little symbol can add up and even provides mass amounts of free spins if the lines hit just right. A Wild symbol is another bonus addition to any online slot game.

These symbols can mean big money if they hit just right. When a player hits 3 bonus symbols on the bet line it can trigger the bonus game to start. If the player is able to slay the evil Orc and steal his treasure on the spin than they can win a mass prize up to 250000 coins. The fight scene appears once the bonus is triggered and the player chooses from 3 options on how they would fight the giant ogre. When the battle is over a scroll appears with the information on the winning, losing, or even a tie was revealed in the fight. It also displays how much and for what purpose any coins may have been won for.

More Game Details from Crusade of Fortune

Interesting characters are found in abundance in the Crusade of Fortune slot game. Creatures such as green ghouls and sinister spell casters and even medieval weapons display horizontally on every spin of the wheel. To view a fight scene between some of the characters that adorn the slot reels one only has to click on the feature preview on the main console. This same feature preview is the scene a player is taken to when the bonus round is achieved.

There are 20 different betting lines in this hot slot and the more lines that are bet the higher the chances of winning the pokies will be. The same amount of betting levels are included to give players even higher odds of winning the big jackpot. The game console is user friendly and with the easy to find buttons players will be able to view the pay table, control volume settings, use the auto spinner, and so much more without a problem. This easy to use system creates an enjoyable playing environment for even the least web savvy slot players.


  • Simple interface for playing
  • Good graphics
  • Bonus features


  • No progressive jackpot
  • Low frequency of payouts


Graphics - 7
Audio - 7
Gameplay - 7
Volatility - 7