Deck the Halls Review

Deck the Halls Pokie Review

The game Deck the Halls by Microgaming is a pokies game that has a unique Christmas theme. When looking at the game's animations and graphics, it is easy to see why the game has become increasingly popular. This game has been designed to be a five reel game with 30 paylines. The players of this game can bet anything up to about 300 coins. This slot machine, like many of the other pokies, consists of a wild, a bonus game, as well as a scatter.

The theme of the game is Christmas which means that the graphics and animations all involve Christmas. This also means that the expected colors are involved such as green, red, and gold. When playing this game, graphics were very enjoyable because although it kept with the Christmas theme, the game was impressive with regards to how much detail and effort went into the game.

Deck the Halls Featured Pokie

Deck the Halls' Features

Like many of the other games created by Micrograming, Deck the Halls has an included soundtrack that changes as the player either wins or loses. While playing the game, you will notice the symbols. For example, the Deck the Halls symbol is the wild symbol. The purpose of the wild symbol is that it can be substituted for any other symbol if need be. The purpose of switching out the Deck the Halls symbol is to complete a winning combination that will lead to a payline. The jackpot is limited to around 4000 coins which is both good and bad because although everyone may have the chance to win, there is no challenge.

Other symbols of the game include the scatter symbol which, in Deck the Halls, is represented by bells. The scatter symbol may be scattered anywhere on the five included reels in order to complete a winning combination. The good aspect of this game is that if three or more scatter symbols appear on the reel, one can access the free bonuses. By activating the free bonuses, this can add on ten free spins.

When betting, one can only place a small bet. The minimum bet that can be placed is the coin size of .01 and the maximum coin size is .05. Although this increases the chance of a payline, the winnings are small compared to other games that are available online. This can be both a good and a bad thing. The stakes are lower but at the same time everyone can win.

When hitting the Jackpot, you will notice that the maximum you can win is 2,400,000. This being in coins does not mean dollars. The Deck the Halls symbol also known as the wild symbol can produce the highest amount of coins which is 4,000. Everyone playing will get a payout, however the only way to receive a large payout is to have the wild symbols.

The Game Overall

The overall assessment gives the Deck the Halls game a great review. the animation and graphics were fantastic as well as the simplicity of the game. On the downside, the payoff was not so great, however this does not stop people from playing because it is interesting to see the highest winnings one could get.


  • Excellent graphics
  • Good animations
  • Easy-to-understand design


  • Low payouts
  • Poor sound effects


Graphics - 9
Audio - 6
Gameplay - 8
Volatility - 7