Double U Casino Multi-Games

Double U Casino Multi-Games App for iOS 5.1.1 and Up

Double U Casino brings Vegas-style gaming all for fun via the Double U Casino (DUC) mobile app, which iOS device users can download from the iTunes App Store, free of charge. Comprising more than twenty slot and video poker entertainment, players can enjoy the social casino games without worries of busting their bankroll or budget. Double U Casino is quite generous in furnishing app users with free casino chips and does not require level-up spin or game points to unlock DUC's mobile content offerings.

DoubleU Casino

Double U Casino App Features

A lot of great things can be said about this DUC app, considering that it is a free-to-download offer. The pop-up adverts and notifications are not at all troublesome, and the app gives you the option not to view them by letting you disable the auto-notification system via the setting page.

Just like any social casino game app, Double U Casino lets you access games by playing as a guest or by connecting to your Facebook account as a DUC player. Yet unlike other mobile applications, this DUC app allows you to switch to another mobile device while letting you continue playing using your existing account.

Rather than require you to open a playing account linked to you email address, the app simply provides you with a unique User ID number and an exclusive Mobile Code. Nonetheless, it allows you to add a name and picture or avatar in your profile page, to appear as your icon.

Double U Casino has a neat homepage where you will find the buttons to tap on, in order to access different app sections. There are two game sections: the Slots and the Video Poker, which can be played at different levels of expertise; from the Beginner level, succeeded by the Novice, the Intermediate, the Expert, and the Professional levels. Another plus point to this app is that all games are available for play, as there are no level-up requirements in order to unlock them.

DUC app provides players with several ways by which they can obtain free DUC casino chips. Your first set of free chip is worth 1,000,000, which you instantly receive at point of game installation.

Tap on the Social Page, Check Now, Spin Now, Open Now and the Mystery Gift Box icons appearing on the homepage. The Social Page is where you can receive as well as send chips as gifts. The Check Now section contains the Daily Stamp, which is a 7-day free-chip or free-spins rewards system that bestows as many as 50,000 free chips on Day 1 and Free Spins ranging from 30 to 50, from Day 2 through Day 7. Tapping on Spin Now activates a Spinning Wheel that lets you instantly win millions worth of free DUC chips. The Open Now and Mystery Gift Box sections contain similar free-chip treats.

As a new player you automatically become a Bronze Level member. Moving up to the higher tiers, Silver and Gold, denotes receiving extra free chips for every in-app purchase as well as getting more from the daily supply and from the Mystery Gift box.

Double U Casino Game Offerings

DUC has a broad selection of slot and video poker titles, and the selection continues to grow since more games are being added as app updates. You can choose games according to popularity, to the newest additions, or from those you marked as favorites.

The popular titles include, “Shooting Stars,” “Green Luck,” “Bison Rampage,” “Cheese in the Trap,” and “The Great Wizard,” which is just to mention a few. If you want to mark one as a favorite, do a long tap on the icon of the game you selected.

Double U Casino game app delivers exactly what it promises, fun Vegas-style entertainment that you can play with total and to your heart's content.



  • Free download
  • Social media integration


  • Play money only
  • Pop-up ads

Great Game

Popularity - 8
Stability - 8.2
Entertainment - 8.3
Graphics - 8.3
Audio - 8.3