Dragon’s Myth Review

Dragon’s Myth Online Pokie by RabCat

The game, Dragon’s Myth distributed by Microgaming and produced by Rabcat was a pleasant surprise.  As of late, Microgaming has been releasing games that are much improved in both graphics quality, but also in play quality.  Rabcat offers a great design and introduces an entertaining character.  This red headed, dragon fighting gal does battle with some of the fiercest of the winged attackers in an effort to defend her village.  Some of the other featured characters of the game are the Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Yellow Dragon and a baby Green Dragon and what appears to be a Rock Dragon.

Dragon's Myth Spins

Features of Dragon’s Myth

The Dragons Myth pokie features several bonus types and bonus triggers.  The game has fixed wilds, free spins and regular wilds.  It also features an animated bonus round called Dragon Bounty.  This pokie also has an adjustable win from both sides feature as well as the option to Gamble on any normal win.  The Gamble feature gives players the opportunity to increase their last win by up to 5 times the amount.

Selections are made between a Blue Dragon Egg and Yellow Dragon Egg.  In this 50/50 chance, the player is attempting to find the Green Dragon in the egg.  On success, the last win amount is instantly doubled.  On the second successful attempt, the last amount doubled is again increased by two.  This will continue up until either the player finds an empty egg and loses all winnings or reaches the x5 amount cap.  The Maxbet button does not act as a spin mechanism.  Most games let Maxbet spin the reels, but in Dragon’s Myth it merely serves as a way to increase the bet to the maximum.   The Catch the Dragon feature maintains the amount of Dragon’s capture in a color coding system surround the spin button.

During the Free Spins round, an additional feature may be unlocked when a Bonus Symbol appears.  Along with 3 additional free spins, the bonus unlocks an additional mini game where the player may select one square from two columns.  The selected square becomes a Fixed Wild and acts in this way until the end of the free spins.  During this round when a crosshair appears, also known as the Shoot Symbol, the player will be able to select an additional square to mark as a Fixed Wild.  This is where the wins are legend, because the fixed wilds are set up right to get 5 in a row which is where the big money starts to roll.

 Dragon’s Myth Overall

Rabcat did a stellar job on the graphics.  They are contemporary, are actually in the leagues of NetEnt’s art.  The characters have real personality and the cinematic cut scenes are stunningly good.  One in particular where the redheaded dragon slayer flies her airship to the bonus round is worth the few seconds of anticipation.  It really makes for more of a gaming feeling than a pokie at times.  So for the not weak of heart, I did discover that you can Gamble after the bonus round.  I put up a vid of where I was actually able to double a big win from the free spins and fixed wilds bonuses.  I decided not to go for the second attempt as it was just too good to lose out on the large double.  This one gets five stars for overall quality, attention to art and storyline and overall gaming experience.  Nice work Rabcat!


  • Great, Original Art
  • Fun to Play
  • Characters Have Personality
  • Loose with the Free Spins and Bonuses
  • Multiple Big Wins are Possible


  • MAXBET Button Does Not Spin the Game


Graphics - 10
Audio - 10
Gameplay - 10
Volatility - 10