Energoonz Review

Energoonz Pokie from Play N Go

Energoonz casino slot game displays cute animated futuristic cartoon creatures on the brightly colored screen. The cute animated little cartoon symbols spin on the reels along with other symbols such as double lightning bolts, fire balls, and even atomic symbols. When a win appears on the screen of this entertaining slot the energy tube on the right side of the screen electrifies and so do the matching symbols.

Energoonz Pokie

Features of Energoonz

Unlike many other pokies the multiplier in the Energoonz online slot game is very unique. The bonus multiplier for this hot little game holds all of the winning symbols that appear on the spin so players have higher chances of winning. If the whole screen becomes cleared then a player has the chance to win big money up to 2000.00. When the multiplier is activated the player can see the total win tally up on the left side of the player screen after each drop.

There are several different options for betting on this cute futuristic appearing casino game that other pokies in the virtual world do not have. A player can choose to play it safe and bet in small increments of .20 on up to larger bets of 10.00 and even 40.00 per spin. Clicking on the Auto Play tab will bring up a screen with different options for the player. To allow the reel to spin on its own the player can choose the number of auto plays it would like the slot to do, which can range from 10 spins on up to 50.

More Game Details from Energoonz

The player can also choose if they would like the auto play to stop if a bonus game is won or if any win occurs. The other options on this tab include to stop auto play if the amount of money in the players account increases or decreases by what the set limit the player places in the box next to the option. After a player spins they can see the amount won appear on the bottom of the screen under the betting amount, and the amount that the player bet is right next to it. The round energy balls on the reels appear to be the wild card and when it lands next to two like amounts in the spin then it converts to one of them and is added to the multiplier.


  • Awesome graphics and animations
  • Simple interface
  • Unique winning system


  • No progressive jackpot
  • Low payout frequency


Graphics - 9
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 7
Volatility - 7