Flux Review

Flux Pokie from Thunderkick

The theme of this game is very simple, to make money on the slots. What makes this game different than a typical casino app is that it is unique and modernized. The basic operations of Flux are to put in an initial bet then spin to see if you win. If you win, then a payout is given according to the combination line that you got, but if you did not have any combinations, then you will lose your bet.

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Features of the Flux Pokie

A unique feature in Flux are the bonus rounds. Bonus rounds are available when the spinner spins and gets 3 or more bonus symbols. The number of bonus symbols they get determines the number of free spins that they will get in their bonus game. What makes the bonus rounds so special are the three different bonus games to choose from. These options include free spins with additional symbol rows, free spins with pay lines from both left to right and right to left, and a combination of the two games.

The game is set up using three rows of five symbols. These symbols then combine to make pay lines that win money. Each symbol has a different meaning and value attached to it when it is combined to make a pay line. The game consists of 10 different symbols and 15 different pay lines. There are 3 types of symbols: Bonus symbols that can only be used for bonus games, Wild symbols which substitutes all symbols except for the bonus symbol, and then the normal symbols. These symbols when added up, either in combos of three, four or five, then add up to a certain pay out depending on the size of the bet. For these combinations to work they have to go from left to right on at least one of the 15 different pay lines. The pay lines are in many mixed patterns so a win is likely on most spins.

More Game Details

Two key features to Flux are the bet levels and Auto play. Starting at .1 going all the way of to 100.00, the 15 bet levels allow the player to have a wide range of options. Whether the player is conservative or a little risky each type of game player is welcome. The other great feature for Flux is Auto play. This allows players to choose how many times they want to spin at a certain bet level. Unlike a normal casino app that makes the player spin every time, Flux allows you to tell it how many times you want it to spin and at whatever price level you want.


  • Simple design
  • Easy gameplay
  • Unique style of spins


  • Subpar graphics
  • Low return on bets

Fair Enough

Graphics - 6
Audio - 7
Gameplay - 7
Volatility - 6