Fortune Teller Review

Fortune Teller Pokie from Play N Go

The Fortune Teller – by Play N Go Video Slots Game is a traditional video slots game that provides a fortune teller based theme. It gives off the impression that someone is heading off into the woods to find a secretive fortune teller who is able to inform them on all the excitement and danger that might be coming ahead in their life. Of course, for anyone who is into pokies, the Fortune Teller – by Play N Go Video Slots Game might just be the perfect option for them. It is fun and bright with sound effects that aren't over the top (although it is always possible to mute the sound should someone not want to check it out). All of this is going to provide a great opportunity for someone to play pokies and to potentially win some cash.

Fortune Teller Pokie

Features of Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller – by Play N Go Video Slots Game is a five reel, 20 pay line game. The game doesn't have anything too substantial that a new player to pokies is not going to be able to understand. This way, it is easy enough for someone to check it out and to start up on the game. The 20 pay lines is easy enough to manage and it also helps keep the massive bet size down. There is also a minimum bet of a penny per coin size, so someone who is more into playing penny slots or who just doesn't want to bet a large amount of money is able to do this and still have a great time playing the game. The maximum coin size per line is $5, and with 200 lines it means that the maximum bet for any game is going to sit at $100 to play all the pay lines. This really isn't that bad at all. Plus, with a 5,000 jackpot, if someone bets the full $5 per pay line, they have the potential to win $25,000. That isn't too bad for someone who is looking to bring in the cash while playing online games. Now, it isn't the largest payout around, but it is a nice amount. With the game, there are different benefits and bonuses as well. There is a wile symbol and the opportunity to win free spins. There is also a scatter symbol and a bonus game. While there is no multiplier, which can be a downer, all of the other additional benefits and features are nice and make it possible to truly enjoy the game.

Fortune Teller Overall

The Fortune Teller – by Play N Go Video Slots Game is a fun game to play and is a must for anyone who is into online slots and is always searching for a new gaming option. There are plenty of ways to bring in the money such as through the bonus game and the free spins. While not having the multiplier is a bit of a downer as there are other games that do have the free spins combined with a multiplier, all of the other features on the game more than make up for it, which makes it a fun time for all.


  • Bonus game with scatter, wild and free spins
  • Autoplay option
  • Wide betting range


  • No progressive jackpot
  • No multiplier


Graphics - 9
Audio - 9
Gameplay - 9
Volatility - 9