Fresh Deck Poker

Introduction to Fresh Deck Poker – Live Holdem by Idle Games Inc.


Poker is with no doubt the most popular card game all over the world. In order to win, you need a combination of the luck, skill and knowledge. In a live game, an important element is bluffing and even if you have bad cards, you can win a hand if you are a good bluffer. Since other players bluff as well, it is a real skill to determine are you going to invest some money into the hand you are playing or not. When it comes to the computer poker, you can't bluff, but all other elements should be there if you want to have a good game. Fresh Deck Poker – Live Holdem is one of those games which have all and no doubt it is the one of the hottest and best free poker games for Android devices on the market.

Fresh Deck Poker

Features of Fresh Deck Poker – Live Holdem


This game is a free casino style Texas Hold'em poker game. It is a real life simulation which will bring you the atmosphere of the real Las Vegas casino right into your home or wherever you decide to play. Excellent graphic and sounds are making things even more interesting and you can start playing a game on your Android phone or tablet and continue the very same game on Facebook from your computer. Real experience is even better if you know this is the only game of this kind with a random number generator certified by GLI, a same company that certifies real gaming machines like state lottery machines or Las Vegas slot machines. It ensures that each hand will be fair and completely random. Once you start playing, you will have plenty of features to choose from, such as customized avatars, different tables to play with, leaderboards to see where you stand compared with other players and friends, free chips every day and much more. Successful playing will help you to level up, and that way you will be able to unlock many new features, such as new tables to play on or special avatars.



Fresh Deck Poker – Live Holdem Overall


If you want to play some poker computer games, be aware this is just a game for fun. It is completely free, and you can get new coins daily if you want it. If you need more coins, you can purchase them, but it is not obligatory. So, you don't have to spend any money on this game. On the other side, you won't earn any real money neither since there is no way to transfer money from the game into the real currency.

You can download it free of any charge on your Android device and play it when you have some free time, no matter where are you at the moment. This game can be a great fun for your free time or a good practice for a real game of poker with real people, no matter are they your best friends playing in your living room or a group of professionals in some Las Vegas or Monaco casino.


  • Statistics and rankings tracker
  • Great selection of avatars
  • Entertaining practice for the real thing
  • Facebook integration


  • Some questionable probabilities
  • Recent app updates
  • Play money only

Great Game

Popularity - 9.2
Stability - 8.5
Entertainment - 9.2
Graphics - 9
Audio - 8.8