Fruit Warp Review

Fruit Warp Pokie by Thunderkick

This is a neat little game with flying fruit. Pokies with fruit! Who doesn’t love flying fruit? An introduction with a space-aged theme of the time continuum is launched leading the user to the actual game. The introduction can and usually will be skipped in the interest of the game. A set of 9 fruits are flung per spin. The user must get at least three matching fruits in one spin in order to get any points for monetary value in the game. When the user gets 4 matching fruits then they are eligible for the extra spin possibly triggering the bonus round. If they get 5 matching fruits the bonus round starts. The user can get up to 3 different matching sets per spin maximizing your chances to win. There are many fruits like strawberries, plums, bananas, grapes, and oranges. The more common the fruit the less points they are worth. Bananas for example are only worth 0.2 points in the standard setting. Unique fruits like the pitaya are worth the most points.

Fruit Warp Slot

Fruit Warp Features

The bonus game can potentially be triggered as soon as 4 matching fruits are seen in one spin. The four fruits will stay on the screen and the remaining non matching fruits will be recycled for the chance to gain a fifth matching fruit. If there are five matching fruits the bonus game is launched. The five fruits are collected and will launch a series of automatic spins. Each spin that brings up the same type of fruit that launched the bonus round will earn the user points and multipliers. When a round occurs that does not bring up at least one fruit that matches the initial fruit that triggered the bonus game the bonus rounds are over. The points are tallied and multiplied by the number of times the bar at the bottom indicates. The more rounds that bring up the initial fruit the higher the multiplier and points.

More Game Detail

This game is one of the more simple pokies. The user presses a spin button betting a standard 1.00€ unless otherwise changed by the user under preferences. The user has the ability to set different game settings and sounds to meet their personal needs as. The user may even choose to set up a series of automatic rounds so that they do not have to keep pressing the spin button. These automatic rounds may be started or stopped at any time provided the points or money are available.


  • Simple design and gameplay
  • Good bonus features
  • Wide betting range


  • No progressive jackpot
  • Not many other features


Graphics - 7
Audio - 7
Gameplay - 7
Volatility - 7