Full House Casino

Introduction To Full House Casino By Me2on

I remember those times that I really wanted to download any of the latest casino mobile gaming apps onto my android device and upon clicking on the install button I always got the message that my device was not compatible. This was due to the fact that most of those games had a minimum iOS requirement of 5.0 or later. However, with the Full House Casino which is developed by ME2ON it is a different ball game altogether as I can now enjoy playing my favourite casino games anywhere and at anytime right in my hands. This is so amazing.

Full House Casino

I was thinking that with an iOS of 2.03 the game was going to be something lower than what is currently trending but to my surprise it is right up there with the best of the casino gaming apps that I have ever played and the experience was so real that I found it hard to believe it was free to download.

I am someone who is not all that good at poker games but when it comes to slot machines I can hold my own. However, on this game I decided to try out their poker games as I always do with every other casino game that I have downloaded before. I can now confidently say that through the Full House Casino game I am now perfecting my skill of playing poker games.

The best part of this game for me is not even its ability to serve as a learning platform for those of us who are lacking in such areas but its ability to allow friends and colleagues play in a variety of competitions among themselves on some of the social networking sites like facebook. I do not wish to blow my horn here but I really did give it to my friends when we played for the first time and we are planning on doing it once again very soon.

Features of the Full House Casino

The Full House Casino has a lot to offer when it comes to its unique features and the first one that I will talk about is the provision of its social networking feature which makes it possible for you to play with your friends on any of the social networking sites. This helps in making sure that you do not enjoy the fun and excitement all alone but do so with all your friends and loved ones.

Another great feature of the Full House Casino is with its reward systems. This is one f the mobile gaming apps which comes with a lot of rewards for those times that you emerge as a winner unlike so many similar apps where your earnings are just not enough and you have to be making purchases all the time in order to continue playing the game.

Full House Casino Overall

On the part of the graphics, ME2ON did a very nice job as the images and animations are just a joy to behold. The game is also so fun to play and with its social casino feature, one can also socialise with others. In rating it, I will give the Full House Casino five STARS.


  • Facebook integration
  • Ranking system


  • Play money only


Popularity - 9
Stability - 8.7
Entertainment - 9.2
Graphics - 9.5
Audio - 9