Gamehouse Casino

Introduction To Gamehouse Casino Plus By Gamehouse

The Gamehouse Casino Plus is one awesome piece of gaming software. I really did for the first time in my life fall in love with a casino game and that rarely happens. Spending some time on their slot machines really did the trick for me as there were a lot of things that made it so much fun to play.

Gamehouse Casino Plus comes with a wide variety of slot machine games where you can try your luck on the reels, video poker and the ultimate and well known BlackJack. There is not a single moment that I felt bored with Gamehouse Casino Plus because there was always the possibility of something unique and amazing happening periodically. One such instance is the giving away of free coins every two hours that you stay on playing the game. To talk of the bonuses is something that will really make my words very long as they are unlimited.

Gamehouse Casino

I first decided to try the friend invite and facebook connect features in order to ascertain how authentic the game was. You do not need to begrudge me for doing that as I have once been taken for a ride with such a game before which guaranteed all those features but in reality it was just another crappy game. However, I really got the shock of my life in casino gaming apps when I realised I had just been dashed one hundred thousand coins just like that – all because I used the facebook connect feature. Well, I might not have played all such games around but I certainly do know that you do not get dashed such huge amounts of coins free of charge without making any in-app purchases.

Gamehouse Casino Plus developed by Gamehouse really redefines casino gaming apps and sets the bar so high that it is going to be very difficult for the others to try and catch up.

Features of Gamehouse Casino Plus

There are a lot of casino gaming apps whose developers are willing to go in for these paid reviews where people just write things about their apps that those people have not even tried before. This has given rise to the incidence of certain reviews mentioning features and/or functions of a particular app that does not exist. However, after carefully playing the Gamehouse Casino Plus myself, I can confidently testify to the fact that they do come with one of the best gaming features to ever grace the world of casino gaming apps.

Some of these features include;

A unique facebook connect feature which allows you to send invites to your friends in order for them to join you in the fun.

The facebook connect feature also allows one to show all your friends how things are going with regards to playing the game.

There is also the chance of earning free coins for connecting via facebook.

Staying active for more than two hours also qualifies you for the two-hourly bonuses.

More importantly is the fact that it can be played for free.


Gamehouse Casino Plus Overall

This is really one heck of an app and it does have it all when it comes to quality and HD image resolutions. The feelings is just so real that you won’t be able to convince yourself that you are just playing a game on a mobile device. Although, there are times when you can win as much as millions in coins in a single day, there also are those times when your total earnings for a week will not even be up to 2,000 coins. This is the downside of the Gamehouse Casino Plus by Gamehouse but aside that, an overall rating of 5 stars is just what this awesome app deserves.


  • Variety of games
  • Good graphics
  • Great customer support


  • Requires Facebook login
  • Some glitches need repair


Popularity - 7.7
Stability - 7.9
Entertainment - 8
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 7.5