Germinator Review

Germinator Slot Review

Germinator is a medical themed pokie game by Microgaming. In this game the player has to cure bacterial infections. This is actually a unique pokie game from Microgaming in many ways. It has a unique amount of reels and pay-lines for the player to achieve big winnings. This medical game will provide a lot of fun for players of various income and skill levels.

Germinator Free Pokie

Features of Germinator

The symbols that make up the reels consist of some rather nasty looking yet at the same time amazing images of coughing and sneezing germs. The reels are set up against a purple background. During the spins, the reels spin horizontally from the left to the right. The game is very similar to puzzle games like Tetris and Bejeweled. All that needs to be done is to match three of the germs together in order to get a winning combination.

There are a total of 5 main colors for germs. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green and blue. for some images, a pill appears as a trigger for a bonus game. When the germs are matched, the winnings are then multiplied by the players bet that is placed for each line. Each winning combination will award a prize and after that vanish from the board This will keep occurring until all of the winning matches have run out.

The one bonus game that Germinator has is called the Medi-Bonus. This is triggered when three images with tiny pills appear on the reels. In this bonus game, the player picks a germ and the other germs that match the chosen germ will disappear. Of course, the best choice is to choose the germ which has the largest amount of copies so that more winning combinations are possible. One good thing about he Medi-Bonus feature is that it could be triggered again.

This unique game features 6 reels and 12 pay-lines. This sets it apart from many of the other pokie games that Microgaming has released. The Microgaming pokies are unique in and of themselves. Germinator has a very unique design that resembles some of the more recent puzzle games like Bejeweled and many of the games that were influenced by it. The maximum Jackpot is $720. The maximum coins that could be bet for each line is 1 coin. The range in value for each coin is from 0.60 to $24. Even with few ways to win, the betting amount still has a very high range for people to win big.

Germinator Overall

Germinator is a very unique pokie game that is very entertaining for players of all walks. Players of various income levels and skill sets will enjoy this game. The visuals are great for what they worked with. The sound effects on the game are good too. Players that are looking for a break from the usual pokie machines will find something very unique and humorous with the Germinator Pokie from Microgaming.


  • Impressive graphics and sound
  • Wide betting range
  • Simple gameplay


  • Only one bonus
  • Infrequent payouts

Great Game

Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 8
Volatility - 8