Gods of Giza Review

Gods of Giza Pokie by Genesis Gaming

Gods of Giza is one of many new online pokies being offered by Genesis Gaming. This new standard online video slot brings the world of Ancient Egypt to life while allowing you to win coins to your heart's content all from the comfort of home. Gods of Giza is in many ways a standard online slot but offers a number of distinct advantages for savvy slots players. In this article we will go over some of the features of the game alongside a brief summary followed by a description of the bonus rounds that are available for Gods of Giza and finally we will go over any additional details about the pokie we may have missed during the review.

Gods of Giza Pokie

Features of Gods of Giza

This splendid new offering from Genesis Gaming continues the long tradition of basing online and brick and mortar video slots on the riches of Ancient Egypt. All of the reels, pay lines and backgrounds are adorned with relics of Ancient Egypt like desert wildlife, pyramids, monuments and other items that evoke the high tide of Ancient Egypt. The reels as well as the pay lines are set to match this theme and much like the Ancient Pharaohs you have the opportunity to win a king's treasure.

The game has a 4 by 4 reel configuration alongside a free spins max multiplier that changes depending on your spin. Your coins can be as small as one cent and as high as one hundred. That denomination can change depending on how much you are valuing each chip online. There are 4 symbol bars and 4 reels so your spins are going to depend on a 16 by 16 configuration and score. Now finally we will cover all of the bonus rounds in Gods of Giza.

Bonus Rounds from Gods of Giza

Much like many other online pokies the Gods of Giza offers a bonus round. This round is typically one or more extra spins. For example- if you place a bet and win or lose no matter what with bonus spins you will have another shot at winning either the current jackpot or a separate long term progressive jackpot. After every spin be sure to check if you have any bonus rounds left before you start your new spin. In Gods of Giza your bonus round comes as a spirit from the underworld who has invited you to spin once more. If you spin correctly you will win the Pharaohs treasure but if you spin poorly you will lose and have to play more credits to continue the game.


  • Easy-to-play interface
  • Good graphics and sounds
  • Bonus game increases winnings


  • Infrequent payouts
  • No progressive jackpot


Graphics - 7
Audio - 7
Gameplay - 7
Volatility - 7