Gold Rush Blackjack

Introduction To Gold Rush Blackjack By Gadget Crafts

I have been downloading mobile casino games for some time now but the most unfortunate thing is that I was never able to really play them as I would have liked. This is due to the fact that none of the games I downloaded gave me the chance to start as a beginner or a rookie. All those games assumed that I knew what I was doing which was totally wrong. The blackjack for instance is one particular game that I have loved and craved to play for a very long time now but to be honest, I never knew the objective of playing it. I played with whatever hands I was given just as I see fit.

Gold Rush Blackjack

It was only after I downloaded the Gold Rush Blackjack that I really understood the logic behind playing of that game. At first I preferred to have a greater number of cards with pictures on them not knowing that each of those cards was worth ten (10) points whilst my total points were to make sure I do not exceed 21. Well, all that has now changed and whenever I remember those days I just laugh at myself.

This is just a fraction of the reasons why I love playing the Gold Rush Blackjack. Another strong reason is that this game does not restrict me to just a single playing table. With each of the tables that I played on I was able to make the house realise how good they have made me to become.

Now I know that by practicing on this robust gaming app, I will be able to enter a real casino room whenever I have the opportunity since that is something that I have always craved in my life but was not able to do previously due to the fact that I never really knew how to play.

Features of Gold Rush Blackjack

When I look at the fact that I have downloaded over 50 blackjack gaming apps without ever getting to know how the game was played, I really feel like I just wasted my time and resources. Gold Rush Blackjack has helped in teaching me what one needs to know in order to play such a game and now I am becoming an expert.

With the provision of the three (3) unique tables, I was always able to vary the playing experiences which helped in making sure that I was never bored whenever playing this game.

On majority of the card games that I have played before, this is the only game that makes use of cards that I find very interesting. It makes the game appear like you are playing in a desert casino and the feeling is just awesome.

Gold Rush Blackjack Overall

This game comes with one of the best graphics that I have ever seen and the fact that I downloaded it free of charge takes it to a whole new level.

The game is also moulded in such a way that even a newbie in the area of card games can learn to play and have as much fun as an expert which all come into perspective when I rate this app 5 stars.


  • Awesome graphics and gameplay
  • Ability to play multiple hands


  • Pop up ads
  • No statistical tracking

Great Game

Popularity - 8.4
Stability - 8
Entertainment - 8.6
Graphics - 8.8
Audio - 8.5