High 5 Casino

High 5 Casino by High 5 Games

High 5 Casino is not your everyday casino gaming app that promises you one thing and does the direct opposite. This app really delivers on its promises of providing the player with unparalleled interactive gaming experiences coupled with fun in all the areas that you may decide to play.

With regards to the number of slots machines that one can play with, they are uncountable and each of these slots presents you with such fun that you would not even want to leave it in order to try out the others. On the whole, High 5 Casino comes with more than one hundred games made up of almost every known casino game that has ever been played in reality.

The feel of playing any of the High 5 Casino games like the Slots, Roulettes and Video Poker is something that more often than not surpasses that of the real deal when you show up in any of the Casinos in Las Vegas or Macau. This is due to a very unique interactive user interface which makes it possible for you to become physically involved.

High 5 Casino is the only casino gaming app that gives each and every registered player the chance to really try any new game that they wish to bring into the system. With such a system in place, each and every individual who is a recognised member to have a taste of what is about to happen. New games are therefore always pre-tested by those who have downloaded the High 5 Casino app.

High 5 Casino App

Features of the High 5 Casino app

High 5 Casino can be played by using your Facebook login details, a High 5 Casino login or as a guest. You are always provided with the same features regardless of how you decided to log in.

Another great feature of the High 5 Casino is that it comes with high definition picture quality and the sound is just classless. These are some of those things which help in making sure that nobody is left behind when it comes to experiencing the casino like as if you are there in person.

The best feature which is likely to endear the High 5 Casino app to the hearts of each and every player is that of receiving free coins on a four hourly interval. This means that with after every four hours, you are presented with free coins which can then be used in trying your hands on other slot machines.

High 5 Casino Overall

With respect to how close the feeling is to a live casino game, the High 5 Casino app is just peerless. It is an app gives you a raw casino taste like no other app.

When played on a device with the right operating systems, it is just amazing as it runs smoothly without any disturbances.

However, when you mistakenly decide to play it on a device whose operating system does not support it then you will have a problem as its performance will not be what you want.

Aside that, High 5 Casino is just what you need in order to get in on the Casino act which has been happening in cities like Vegas and Monaco.


  • Quality Graphics
  • Unique Games
  • Free Coins on the Hour


  • Less Challenging with Free Coins
  • Players are Basically Beta Testers


Popularity - 6.8
Stability - 5.5
Entertainment - 7
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7.5