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Hit it Rich! FREE Casino Slots by Zynga Inc.


Online casino games are among the most popular, and it is hard to create a game that can stand by the best products in that category. No doubt that Hit it Rich! is one of those games. This game was created by Zynga, one of the biggest game creators. It was originally made for the Facebook and now you can get an Android version. So, no matter where you are, if you have some free time, you can enjoy playing Hit it Rich! on your smartphone. But, that is not the only game of that kind, so what makes it so special and why should you choose this one before others? Is this really a game you may enjoy in for a long time? And why is it so?

Hit it Rich Casino

Features of Hit it Rich! Free Casino Slots


First of all, as a casino game, this is meant for the adult players only. You start the game with 30.000 coins and you can earn more playing, through daily bonuses and special games. However, although you may buy extra coins if you want and need to, you can't turn the coins you earned in the game into the real money. This is not a real casino, but a game created for you to have some fun. Also, being good in this game does not mean you will be good in a real slot game for the real money since the huge part of it is the factor of luck. Always be aware this is just a game that is fun to play, but nothing more.


If you have this in mind, you may enjoy quite a lot in this game. Its exquisite sound and graphic features will sweep you off your feet. You will have the feeling of the real game and you can choose from the variety of the slot machines with different themes, such as The Wizard of Oz, Sex and the City, The Terminator, Downtown Abbey, Hagar the Horrible, Evil Dead 2, The Duck Dynasty, Bettie Page, Bridesmaids and much more. Simply choose the one you like the most and start playing. For more fun, you can play few bonus games where you can win huge jackpots and use it later on the slot machines, and you may even be a Good Samaritan and send your friends some coins. Hopefully, you may get some from them as well.


Hit it Rich! Free Casino Slots Overall


If you keep in mind this is just a game and not a way to earn some money, you may have some really good time playing it. You will enjoy its sound and graphic which are very realistic and fun, you will fight the odds, win and loose and have a great time while you do so. Different slot machines are dedicated to the many movie and TV hits, so you can choose your favorite or you can try all of them to see where you have the most of the luck. Playing bonus games or helping your friends are other benefits you can experience. You can download it and play it on your Android anytime and anywhere you want to. If you love casino slot games, this is one you should definitely add to your list of downloads.


  • Awesome graphics and gameplay
  • Great variety of games


  • Additional coins may be purchased
  • Pop up ads

Great Game

Popularity - 8.6
Stability - 8.2
Entertainment - 8.5
Graphics - 8.6
Audio - 8.3