Hit It Rich

Introduction To Hit It Rich By Zynga

Hit It Rich is one awesome and fantastic game that has been developed and is being redistributed by Zynga. The whole game is just one powerful masterpiece of artistry and intuitiveness. This is unlike any other casino slot games that I have ever had the opportunity of playing ever before.

I have always been a fan of action packed and adventurous movies and so I hope you will understand when I say I fell in love right away with slot machines like the Wizard of Oz and the Terminator. I always feel like I am over the moon whenever I see the triple 7 lined up horizontally on the slot machine as that spells winning big.

The Evil Dead title is one other slot machine that takes me way back to those days that I watched the movie and it has always remained a very dear movie which I am willing to watch all over again and never ever get tired.

Whenever I have some free coins I am able to show my philanthropic side by sending those coins to my friends in order to ensure that they keep on enjoying the fun. In my opinion, the fun and excitement that comes with playing this game is just too good to end in a matter of hours and so I do dash my friends some of the coins to help them continue with their fun.

With this game on my mobile device, I do not think I will be visiting any of the Las Vegas gambling buildings any time soon. This is due to the fact that I can have all the fun I wish to have right on my mobile device without bothering to spend a single dime or being exposed to the real dangers of betting in a real casino room. Hit It Rich has everything that I can ever desire from a slot game and the experience has always been very real for me ever since I started playing this game.

Hit it Rich Casino

Features of Hit It Rich

When I logged in for the first time after downloading this game, I was presented with a lot of bonus coins and free spins that I became baffled as that is not what I have come to associate with such games. They all just give you some few coins and that is all. If you wish to spend more time on those games you will have to be purchasing always which is very bad.

There are so many titles for the slot machines that have been made to suit the playing tastes of each and every individual.

The games are also filled with the best payouts that you can ever imagine.

Hit It Rich Overall

Hit It Rich is one of the very few games that I will give 5 stars as it provides players with awesomely crafted user interfaces and the best sound quality in a mobile game. The fun and excitement that I get from playing this game can only be well understood if you decide to give it a try.



Graphics - 9.2
Audio - 8.8
Gameplay - 9
Volatility - 9.3