Hoyle Casino Games

Introduction to Hoyle Casino Games


This gaming app created and developed by Encore is highly recommended for both the seasoned and new players. If you are looking for amazing graphics, great interface, and an intuitive app that does not compromise on quality, then definitely this one caters for you.  The one thing that sets it apart is that you will have access to more than 600 games, of which you can choose and play at your free time. If you like to play tournaments, then definitely this is your home. The better part of it is that whether you like poker, roulette, or craps, you will never be lost of choices. This app also offers you the opportunity to play some of the best spinners that the gaming world has to offer to the market place. If you like Baccarat or prefer playing progressive video slots, then this is your home. You can by no means go wrong with this gaming app and it is worth that you make it your number-one choice.

Hoyle Casino Games

Features of Hoyle Casino Games


It's of utmost importance for you to know that Hoyles Casino Games will always offer you high quality entertainment. In all cases, they give you the Vegas setting and this makes the games even more entertaining. Furthermore, if you are the type of player that likes to enjoy great graphics and sound effects there are no app that beats Hoyles casino games for this matter.


The extra large cards used during the play makes the game more enjoyable, especially based on the fact that they enhance visual appeal.  The other thing is that with this app shuffling cards is lightening fast, and so the excitement does slow down irrespective of the game you are playing. In fact, with each progressive game you play the levels of entertainment increases.


If you love tournaments then definitely this app for you and you can compete at any given time you feel like. There are plenty of opportunities to showcase your skills, and the better part is that you will be able to test your progress on how good you are at specific games. Additionally, there are so many characters, at least 25, of which you can compete against and so you are not limited of choice, too.


The games have pretty simple rules that even the novice can understand within no time. Therefore, if you are looking for app that will not cost you time and money, the Hoyle Casino Games are your best bait. The music used in the game is great, and so are the sound effects. It's one of the gaming apps on the market that guarantees well structured playing levels that you can always choose from. And so, there is no single moment that you will ever feel overwhelmed by any level you choose.


The customizable background is a great addition that makes the game have the Vegas style setting. It cannot get better than having an amazing background as you enjoy your favorite game. It is with this choice that quality is guaranteed. If you want to make no mistake on quality of casino games, do not hesitate to make this app one of your favorite.


Hoyle Casino Games


This is definitely one of the top creations of Encore, and it comes with great graphics and sounds too. If you are looking for a package that offers a number of games, this is your ultimate choice. This app will only cost you $19.9, and truth be said this is way below intrinsic value it offers to players. It has a total size of 459 MB in entirety, and of course, English is its de facto language.


  • TONS of games available
  • Create your own avatar
  • Customizable format


  • Play money only
  • Too many games?
  • No social media integration

Great Game

Popularity - 8.2
Stability - 8
Entertainment - 8.6
Graphics - 7.9
Audio - 8.2