Jason and the Golden Fleece Review

Jason and the Golden Fleece Pokie by Microgaming

Microgaming has yet again designed an interesting video slot. Jason and the Golden Fleece (JatGF) is a 25-payline pokies with a five-reel game. And the story is based on an ancient Greek folklore about heroism and adventure. The tale of Jason and his loyal Argonauts offers motivation to the exceptional components that build the possibility of enjoying this game much better. And above all maybe succeed in winning big bucks from this video slot. Jason has to recover the Golden Fleece and all the components in the game help you in accomplishing that task.

Jason and the  Golden Fleece Free Slot

Jackpots and Top Payouts

Your jackpot is determined by the number of coins you initiate on each pay lines and Jason, and the Golden Fleece video slot game is based on that factor. For every line, if you were to pay just one coin to play, then you would have received five Jason symbols per line. And this jackpot is worth a sum of approximately 20000 coins. Hence, you have more chances to win if you shell out more coins to play.

Free Spins

These are additional features, and it gets activated when you get the Jason and the Golden Fleece logos anyplace on the reels. It needs to be in numbers of three, four or five. Further to that, you get free spins of 10, and each prize accounts to a 3x multiplier. You even have the chance to activate Jason's Journey Bonus and likewise be able to retrigger more spins on the reels.

Jason and the Golden Fleece Wild Multiplier

Wild Multiplier game symbol is based on the Jason and the Golden Fleece Emblem. When planning to frame winning pay line mixes, a wild icon can be utilized as a substitution for customary symbols. One sure is lucky if you get to play the wild multiplier as the combinations that are formed through wild substitution activities results in twice the standard pay when compared to the regular symbols. The force of the Jason and the Golden Fleece Logo is not kept to just the wild substitutions and twofold -pay rewards. You have the opportunity to win more or get double the pay based on the coordinated combos. All this is related to the spins that activate the set or three or more of the Jason and the Golden Fleece Wild Multipliers.

Jason and the Golden Fleece Overall

You ought to sign into Microgaming casino site to play this slot game, and it should be on top of your list. This game has extremely nice graphics and awesome sound effects. Moreover Jason and the Golden Fleece game have a large collection of bonus games which gives the users a great gaming experience. This game is apt for Greek mythology fans and online casino games.


  • Good variety of bonus features
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Great graphics and sound


  • Low frequency of payouts
  • No progressive jackpot


Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 7
Volatility - 7