Karate Pig Review

Karate Pig Pokie by Microgaming

It's hard not to break into a smile when you're playing Karate Pig, which features a hilarious Japanese pig that thinks he's the next Karate Kid. Entertaining with cute, fun graphics, the rousing soundtrack perfectly complements the different characters you can play: the original Karate Pig, a laughing Buddha, a Bonsai Tree, the mysterious Smiling Kitten, a fresh Plate of Sushi, a street Musician or a wandering Wise Master.

Karate Pig Pokie

Features of Karate Pig

Karate Kid is one of those pokies that are non-progressive, giving you five reels and 40 pay lines with every pull. Karate Pig is also loaded with free spins, a hidden multi-level bonus game, scatters, stacked wilds and a top payout of 50,000 coins. Bets start as low as a penny (0.01) and can go as high as a total of $20. Up to five coins can be bet per line, starting at a penny (0.01) and going up to 10 cents (0.10).

The highest paying symbols are a five of a kind including the Karate Pig that pays up to 750 times the original bet. The symbol of the game, a cartoon martial arts pig, is also the “wild” symbol used in this popular version of casino pokies. Two scatter symbols found on a pull will result in a reward payout of 15 free spins.

Like other classic slot games from Microgaming, Karate Pig is loaded with bonus rounds and free spins. The scatter symbol functions as a “golden coin”, doubling all wins during the subsequent free spin. With a total of three bonus rounds, and multiple scatter and Karate Pig symbols loaded into the game, players have a very good likelihood of winning multiple bonuses.

Karate Pig Overall

This is a really fun and entertaining game that has a ton of different ways to win bonus spins, extra coins or more money. The best part of the game is the bonus scatter symbol, which if you find four of those you can play a multi-level bonus game, choosing between either the “Pork Chop” or “Hammer” bonus round to help work on winning your black belt. If the first bonus round is successfully passed, you'll move on to finishing the other bonus round (i.e. “Pork Chop” if you chose “Hammer” the first time, etc.). If you get to the third stage of the bonus round you'll face the Karate Pig's greatest enemy, whom if defeated after three rounds of battle can net a player over $1,000.

There's a good reason why this game took over Japan and is now becoming increasingly popular around the world. With its fun, cartoon type theme and multiple scatters and bonus spins, Karate Pig is one of the easiest and most rewarding pokies to play. It's easy to see why players all over the globe enjoy playing Karate Pig and other titles from Microgaming.


  • Music, graphics and play are super FUN
  • Bonus and scatter symbols are generous
  • The main character and other personalities are engaging
  • Huge multiple wins are possible


  • Game may be too fast-paced for some
  • No proressive jackpot


Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 7
Volatility - 8