Keno Eggs

Introduction to Keno Eggs by Robert Suh


Keno is a popular game of luck, similar to the classic lottery where numbers are drawn from the bubble with the numbers placed on balls. It is a very popular game in many casinos and some state lotteries have its version as well. In casinos, you can earn different sums of money, depending on how many of your numbers were drowned, how much money you placed and on what paytable. The paytable is a series of the pay scale choices and every casino has its own version. The money someone can earn depends on all those factors, which makes this game very interesting and outcomes are very unpredictable in most cases. That is a huge part of its popularity since no one really knows what amount of money you can earn while playing.

Keno Eggs

Features of Keno Eggs


This is a classic Keno, but with a little twist. This is a genuine Las Vegas Style Keno which looks and sounds like a real thing, but what makes it different is a fact that you have to smash some eggs in order to get the Keno. You heard me well. You have to smash eggs and find out what numbers they hide. Besides that, everything else is just like any Keno game you ever played.


This game is made for iOS devices, so if you have an iPhone, iPod, iPad or any similar device, you will be able to enjoy it. It has an HD Retina graphic, which makes it easier to look and it looks much better. First class graphic, casino background ambient sounds and the possibility of the iPod background music support are all there for a complete feeling and enjoyment.


Other features might help you to feel even better while playing this addictive and appealing game. There is a max bet possibility – all you have to do is to hold down the bet button for 2 seconds and you will have a max bet. Bets on each card may vary from 1 to 10. You may choose the speed of the game which suits you the most and game will save your picks and credits between the games. There are also an advanced auto play features which may help you in your game.


Keno Eggs Overall


All the Keno lovers will enjoy this game. It has all the classic Keno features which make it so popular in casinos all over the world, as well as in different states where you can play it over the state lottery. It is fun, unpredictable and appealing. At the same time, this Keno version has an interesting twist that makes it even more fun. Game with the quality graphic and sound will make you feel like it is a real thing and the possibility to play with different amount of the money in different speed and using other features will add to the diversity and will assure you will never get bored of it. Of course, you have to remember this is just a game to have fun with and not an opportunity to earn real money. If you are looking for that chance, you will have to go further. However, if you are looking for a simple game that will provide you with a real fun while you play it, you may just found the right place.



  • Authentic graphics
  • Variable game speed
  • Hot/Cold number tracker


  • Slow to earn bonuses
  • Recent Ios 8 compatibility upgrade


Popularity - 7.5
Stability - 7.8
Entertainment - 8.1
Graphics - 7.3
Audio - 7.3