Keno Keno Free

Introduction To Keno Keno Free By Robert Suh

I have always had a hard time trying to learn some tricks on how to score points in most of the Keno games that I have download but none of them offered me a better chance than Keno Keno Free by Robert Suh. With the previous Keno games that I had downloaded, I always had to do a lot of things all on my own. This made it very difficult and tedious to play such games as there were no helpful tips available for you. To do things like having to jot down all the numbers that do appear frequently alongside those that do not appear frequently on a piece of paper is just as boring and burdening as you can ever imagine. I never could do it and so when I chanced upon Keno Keno Free by Robert Suh, I just decided to first test that part of their app and to my amazement they had that area well covered. The app automatically recorded all the most frequently appearing numbers and those that were not appearing more often.

Keno Keno

I was also able to control how fast or slow the numbers fell. This gave me what I had always wanted to have when playing Keno and that is to really have a say in how certain things pan out.

I once had a Keno game but always had to restart all over again whenever I decided to attend to something pressing. This was due to the fact that the game was never able to save all the numbers that I picked before and so whenever I restart it, it does so from the beginning. However, after picking my numbers on the Keno Keno Free, I had neighbour call out to me to help him with something and so I had to log out but when I came back and logged in, I was surprised at what I saw as the game had saved all the numbers that I had chosen and so there was no need for me to chose any other number again.

Features of Keno Keno Free

The images have be perfectly made to suit the screen sizes of all the right mobile devices which means that you do not have to bother yourself about resetting the display qualities due to the fact that you might be using a different device. Upon loading, the app itself performs all those functions for you even before you start to play.

The save and resume feature is one unique way to ensure that you do not get your chosen numbers erased when you decide to attend to some other issues.

There also is the HOT/COLD feature which helps with the recording of all the numbers in relation to how frequently they appeared or not. This means that those days of writing the HOT and COLD numbers on paper are no more.

The speed variation feature also makes it possible to switch between a blazing speed and a sluggish one.

Keno Keno Free Overall

Keno Keno Free is fun to play, very intuitive and interactive and also comes with great background sounds. The developers have really made an app that will certainly raise the standards among all Keno gaming apps. Holding the MAXBET button for some time allows you to MAXBET which is something that is missing on a lot of such gaming apps. The only negative is that you can only play as a single player. However, that aside, I will give Keno Keno by Robert Suh a mark of 5 out of 5 stars on the rating scale for its sheer design quality.


  • Authentic gameplay experience
  • Classic graphics


  • Some pop up notifications
  • Limited bonus chances


Popularity - 8
Stability - 8
Entertainment - 8.2
Graphics - 7.2
Audio - 7.2