Las Vegas Roulette – Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas Roulette – Viva Las Vegas by Lauro Sousa


Games of chance are very popular all over the world. There is a reason for that since adrenalin rush you can feel when you win the jackpot on a slot machine or any other game of chance can't be compared with anything else. One of the most popular games in this category is roulette. It is a rather simple game where you have to predict which number will ball stop on when the roulette wheel spins. There are several versions of the roulette, but the main rules are pretty same everywhere. Today, you may even play roulette at your home or anywhere where your smart phone is. If we talk about the roulette apps for various devices, you should definitely consider a Las Vegas Roulette – Viva Las Vegas, and there are many good reasons for that.

Las Vegas Roulette

Features of Las Vegas Roulette


This is a very simple and easy to play game you can play anytime and anyplace since it is created to work with the iOS. It means you may download it and play it on all of your Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and all the others. It is universal for all iOS devices, so you can use it on multiple devices you own. There are no limits to the playing experience since once it is downloaded; you don't need an Internet connection to use it. It is fast and requires only a little space in a memory of your device.


It is played by American Roulette rules which are rather simple and you will learn it quite quickly. All o have to do is to pick a betting chip from the stack and pace it on the number you are ready to bet on. When the wheel spins, if you predicted a right number, you earned your bet, just like in a real casino. High-quality 3D effects will help you feel like you are in a real casino. All that is followed by a high-quality jazz music playing in the background. Another great news is that this game has no ads, so if you belong to those people that use remote same second and add appears on the TV screen, you will love this game because ads won't bother you.


Las Vegas Roulette – Viva Las Vegas Overall


It doesn't matter have you ever played roulette in your life or this is your first attempt. Las Vegas Roulette is simple, easy and fun to play. It has great 3D graphic which will, along with the great sound and music, make you feel almost like you are there, in some Las Vegas Casino, looking at people playing and trying to get the right number. Ads won't embitter your life and pop up every minute, just at the moment you are waiting for a wheel to stop on your lucky number. This game is compatible with the iOS 8, so you can use it on the latest Apple models. To summarize, this is a simple and easy game which you can play anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is to download it and start playing. You won't need an Internet connection to play it and you will have a plenty of chances to feel an adrenalin rush when the wheel slows down and approaches your number.


  • Great Graphics
  • Realistic American table roulette
  • No internet connection required


  • No social integration
  • No statistics tracking
  • Paid app


Popularity - 7.2
Stability - 7.7
Entertainment - 8
Graphics - 8.4
Audio - 7.9