Leagues of Fortune Review

Leagues of Fortune Pokie by Microgaming

The Leagues of Fortune pokie is a game that has been around for a few years from Microgaming. It probably is a game best played by individuals who have been hitting up pokies online for some time. This is because of the number of betting lines available. In fact, it has more betting lines than most games out there, which is why it is probably not best for someone trying to learn pokies. However, it is a fun time for those who want it and it has a very 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea kind of feel to it. This makes it a fun time for those who love the nautical feel to it and just wants a game that is going to be fun to play and does come with a few bonus features.

Pokie Leagues of Fortune

Features of Leagues of Fortune

The Leagues of Fortune Online Video Slots Game is a five reel game, although it has 1024 pay lines. This extremely large number of lines is why it is best for only the more experienced players with pokies to look towards this game. It does have a entry betting level set at a penny per betting line, which is nice, and a maximum betting line of $5 per coin. As the top max betting line maxes out at $10 per coin, it is not an expensive game to play (unless all 1,024 of the pay lines are bet upon). The maximum jackpot is 1500 coins, which means it has a maximum jackpot of $15,000, which isn't terrible. It isn't the highest jackpot around, but it isn't bad, especially with a game that doesn't have a very high max bid per pay line. The game does not come with any sort of progressive jackpot, although this is pretty much the norm for a Microgaming design. So, it just depends on what someone is looking for and if they want a progressive jackpot, they should usually look for a different game designer. There is also no bonus round in the game or multipliers either. The Leagues of Fortune Online Video Slots Game does feature free spins, scatters and wild symbols though, to give other ways to increase winning potential. It is possible to win up to 25 free spins if all five of the scatter icons appear. Anyone would be hard pressed to find a game that gives out more than the 35 free spins as seen with Leagues of Fortune Online Video Slots Game.

Leagues of Fortune Overall

For anyone who is looking to enjoy a good online slot game, the Leagues of Fortune Online Video Slots Game is an excellent option. It has the same general feel of what other Microgaming titles provide, which is why it is important to check it out. Now, there are no progressive jackpots, bonus rounds or multipliers, which can be a bit of a letdown, but the fact that it does have so many free spin options, it almost completely makes up for this and it is possible to land a large number of additional free spins throughout the game.


  • Large number of free spins
  • Inexpensive to play
  • Nautical underwater fantasy theme


  • No progressive jackpot, multiplier or bonus round
  • Large number of lines can make it difficult for new online slot players

Great Game

Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 8
Volatility - 8