Legend of Olympus Review

The Legend of Olympus Pokie by Microgaming

Pokies lovers should be excited to know that the Legend of Olympus is a beautifully designed online game that features the Olympians, their universe and many unique characters. The game theme is based on a fight of Roman gods against Hades. Players will participate in the battle of the Olympians such as Ares, Zeus and Poseidon through this pokie game in order to defeat Hades and expel him from the underworld. The game also boasts an incredible background scene with flawless graphics, beautiful theme and a pleasant music.

Pokie The Legend of Olympus

Features of The Legend of Olympus

This pokie is a 5-reel game with 20 paylines. Players, however, have the option to choose and activate the number of paylines they want as per their choice. To bet the maximum amount, players can just click on the max bet option before spinning the reels. Max bet feature takes all paylines into consideration, and all possible winning combinations.

The symbols include Olympus, shield, spear, and several Roman themed symbols. Some symbols such as the Olympus with golden spear act as a wild symbol, which in turn creates a winning combination when appears on the reel. When there are more than three Olympus symbols, players will be awarded with free spins. Each symbol is accompanied by a unique sound and animated actions. The first wild symbol is the Hades symbol, which transforms other symbols on the reel to award the player with big winnings.

Autoplay and max button are two other features of this pokie game. With the matching symbol on multiple paylines, the game pays up to 20,000 coins. Players will win a huge amount when there are five Hades or Zeus symbols on the payline. Players can also win up to 40,000 coins and $80,000 in a single spin based on the bet amount per line. Another wild symbols is the statue symbol, which also increases the chance of winning more coins in a single spin. With more than three Zeus symbols on the reel, players will be awarded with free spins. The bonus game of treasure hunt is another special feature of this pokie game. The game includes three bonus games: the big and small treasure and the reward ferryman. Once the bonus game is triggered, players will be presented with a new game to play. After that, players will find three treasure chests to select from and win a prize.

The Legend of Olympus Overall

The Legend of Olympus is certainly a great pokie game with awesome paylines. Although the video pokie game created by Microgaming features some remarkable game features, bonuses and awards, it offers an incredible gaming experience to all players because of its flawless graphics, wilds and free spins. The theme is hands down praiseworthy with some eye-catchy symbols, animated background music and noteworthy payouts. If the number of wild symbols on the reel is more, you will win up to $20,000.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Beautiful theme
  • Fun bonus games
  • Free spins and big wins


  • No scatter symbols

Great Game

Graphics - 9
Audio - 9
Gameplay - 9
Volatility - 8