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Poker is both a game of luck and skill. The goal of the game is to get better cards than your opponents and judge what cards they have in order to win. Live poker is a game where psychology plays an important role since you have to bluff and see through your opponents bluffing in order to win. Although it is a card game, in live poker luck plays a minor role because even with bad cards you can win if you judge your opponents well and if you are able to bluff them. However, it is not always easy to find someone to play with and it may require time and effort you can't afford. So, online poker is another great choice if you want to improve your poker skills. Let It Red Casino is a great choice in such a case. iOS users may download this game and play it against other players or against your device. All you need for a win is a pair of jacks or better.

Let it Red

Features of Let It Red Casino


With the development of the Internet, various games, where you can play online against other players appeared. This is one of them. Let It Red Casino is a poker game similar to the real Video Poker machines is Las Vegas casinos. You can play five card Texas Hold Em poker against the real people or against the program. No matter which possibility you choose, you will get the best possible, almost real life experience. You may think that to because of the excellent graphics and sounds that will make you feel like you are really in Las Vegas and sitting by the table in some casino and not in your home in bed.

If you are planning to earn real money, then this is not a game for you. This game is created only for joy and no matter how good you are, be aware that there is no chance to exchange money you earned into the real money.  So, if you are aware of that, you can have real fun trying to get the best cards you can and determining what cards your opponents have. Your poker skill can only get better if you practice it with this game.

Let It Red Casino Overall

All the poker lovers may enjoy playing Let It Red Casino. This simulation of the Video Poker machines will get the thrill and joy from the Las Vegas Casinos right into your house or any other place where your iPhone is. First-class graphic and realistic sounds make things appealing and excited and you can enjoy hours of fun while you try to figure out what your next move should be. Don't expect to earn some money in this app since it was not created for that purpose. If that is what you expect, you should look after some other app. However, if you are looking after a good time and a challenging and interesting game that will test your abilities and luck at the same time, you just found the right thing. All you have to do is to download this app on your iOS device run it and enjoy in hours of fun.


  • Simple Graphics
  • Easy to understand gameplay


  • Only one game
  • Basic gameplay


Popularity - 7.3
Stability - 7.7
Entertainment - 8
Graphics - 7.7
Audio - 7.6