Mega Moolah Review

Mega Moolah Pokie by Microgaming

The Mega Moolah pokies are one one the most popular and successful online casino games offered by Microgaming. Although the name is deceiving, the Mega Moolah game has a safari theme. The exotic theme is completed with safari animal icons. To complement the safari animals, a savannah background has been designed by the very talented graphic designers. The popularity of these pokies is believable when observing both the exotic theme as well as the number of possible wins a player can obtain.

Mega Moolah Pokie

Features of Mega Moolah

The games made by Microgaming have all had excellent graphics. Mega Moolah does not stray away from this reputed honor. The graphics that the graphic designers have installed are impeccable. The great thing about the graphics is that it tells a story. The designing behind the animal icons as well is very detailed.

Like most of the slot machine games, there are 5 reels. To win there are over 25 playlines available. While playing the game, only 5 coins per line is permitted. The symbols of this game are all animals with the lion being worth the most with a value of 15,000 coins. The other animals that follow in value are the elephant, the wildebeest, the giraffe, zebra, and the gazelle. As most slot games go, there is a scatter symbol. In the Mega Moolah game, the symbol for the scatter is a purple princess.

When there are 3 or more scatters, the player is awarded with free spin bonuses. When there are 3 or more scatters, 15 free bonus rounds are offered. Another perk about this game is that the free spins can be re triggered at any point of the game.

Not only is the scatter symbol important but so is the wild symbol. The lion, in Mega Moolah is not only the highest value but it also represented as the wild symbol. With the exception of the scatter icon, the lion symbol can substitute for any other symbol in the game. The scatter symbol cannot be substituted because it leads to free bonuses.

When playing the game, there are four progressive jackpots. When the player starts the round of the progressive jackpots, the play spins the ‘Mystery Wheel”. The wheel consists of chances to win the four available progressive jackpots. In the history of this game, the most ever won online has been $5,500,000. If the player fails to trigger the progressive bonus jackpot round, there is still a chance to win a smaller jackpot. The standard jackpot is about 75,000 coins.

Like most of the other online games made by Microgaming, one doesn't have to hit the big Jackpot to earn money. The positive thing about the four jackpots, is that it gives an obtainable goal towards each player. However, if this goal is not reached the player can still walk away with a substantial amount of money.

Mega Moolah Overall

The Mega Moolah game is one of the most popular and successful games offered by Microgaming. When playing this game, the high reviews will not lead the new players astray. The graphics behind the game are so creative. Another positive is the high amount of money that can be won. This can also be a negative because the player may never want to stop playing until reaching the big bucks.


  • Great graphics
  • Cool symbols
  • High jackpot


  • Low chance of winning
  • Poor audio


Graphics - 8
Audio - 7
Gameplay - 8
Volatility - 7