Mirrorball Slots

Introduction To Mirrorball Slots By Plumbee

When I first downloaded this game, I was a bit doubtful with regards to how well it will perform. I hope no one will begrudge me for having those doubts due to the fact that most of us have been duped into downloading a well reviewed mobile gaming app only to later find out that it is just one of those phony applications. The number of phony gaming apps around with perfect reviews has really made it very difficult to differentiate between the good ones and the bad ones. This is why I think that when we do chance upon one of the good ones we all should make it a point to let others also know about how good it is so that that can also share the fun with us.

Mirrorball Slots

I logged in for the first time after downloading the Mirrorball Slots only to be given free gems as a way of welcoming me. This is something that we all know does not happen very often and even when they are promised it is just about two gems. The surprise did not end there as I also got 2,000 free coins right after my first spin. If this is a way that Plumbee has decided to use in winning people over by the Mirrorball Slots game then I have already been won over.

When the coins I was using got finished, I realised I had spent over four straight hours in playing the game. A message then popped up that I should collect some coins at the lobby. This made me wonder what coins I had there as I had already finished everything that I had but when I clicked on the button to retrieve the coins I was given the information that it was the bonus for playing continually for four straight hours.

With slot machines like Goldilocks and the Wild Bears, Sinbad and even the Big Bad Wolf, I never run shot of excitement. Each of these slot machines do come with awesome and unique playing experiences which all help in making sure that the feeling gets as real as it  can ever be.

However, I am a bit careful with the gems that were dashed to me and only used them when I need a free spin on any of the slot machines. Well, that is one important use of the gems to me right now and as such I am not going to throw them away just like that.

Features of Mirrorball Slots

The Mirrorball Slots do come with free coins for every two hours that you stay online playing and the welcome gems are just mind-blowing.

Playing continuously at one slot machine for a very long time also gives you the chance to be increasing your lobby coins exponentially.

Moreover, Mirrorball Slots also provides players with a weekly challenge competition where a lot of coins can be won.

Mirrorball Slots Overall

Mirrorball Slots game is filled with so much fun and excitement that I lost track of how many hours I had spent playing.

It is also the only game that has a desire to make all people happy with its iOS requirement being at 4.3 or later. This is unlike many similar apps which can only be played if you have a device with an iOS of 6.0 or better. It is also worthy to note that the game is very interactive and boasts of the best image qualities. A rating of 10 out of 10 is how I see this game even though I wish something could be done so that gifts could be sent to others.


  • Social media integration
  • New slots added regularly


  • Odds seem to change with updates
  • Some recent bug fixes

Great Game

Popularity - 8
Stability - 8.1
Entertainment - 8.6
Graphics - 8.3
Audio - 8.3