Monkey Money Slots LITE

Monkey Money Slots LITE is a free slots app offered on the iTunes app store by the prolific game developer 616 Digital LLC. This mobile and computer based slot game is completely free to play and mimics some of the most fun parts of playing slots both online and in brick and mortar casinos. 616 Digital LLC is a very well known game developer on the istore and other platforms and they offer a wide variety of casino style games as well as more tradititional gaming experiences. In the following article we will go over some of the features of Monkey Money Slots LITE and give our readers a view into how the game is played, what other users think, and whether or not the game is worth a download.

Monkey Money Slots

App Features

This app features graphics that very closely resemble Vegas or other casino slot machines. You have a reel system as well as a spin button. Every time you press the built in spin button you have a chance to win a jackpot and get paid out on that jackpot. The more more coins you win the higher your ability to spin. You will also be given bonus rounds with every single spin you make. So even if you miss out on the jackpot you have an extra spin. The graphics are very developed for an iPhone game and are bright and beautiful with great attention to detail and recreating the casino experience.

More Game Details

This game is primarily designed for users that want to play casino style games in the comfort of their own home using iphones or itunes capable devices. In that regard it performs flawlessly. Whether you are sitting on the bus riding home or just on your couch the Monkey Money Slots Lite free slots app allows you to transport yourself to your favorite casino- minus the smoke and travel time. Essentially this game is recommended for two different types of people- those who love casino games but can not make it to a casino and for those people who want to try out the whole casino experience but do not feel that they are ready to go that far yet.


  • Fun bonus rounds
  • Great way to pass the time
  • Recent jackpot increases


  • Odds are not realistic
  • Play money only
  • Paid app


Popularity - 7.9
Stability - 7.3
Entertainment - 7.8
Graphics - 7.7
Audio - 7.9